More than 35 years adding value to agribusinesses


Crop protection

Through Agrofina, we are the only company in Argentina to synthesize, formulate, produce and sell products for crop protection.


Agricultural services

Our business platform ranges from the commercialization of grains, storage and logistics to the provision of agro-inputs and advice on agricultural production.


Wheat milling

We produce high quality flours, premixes and special mixes for both domestic consumption and export.



For more than 35 years we have been producing, processing and exporting a wide variety of commodities and agri-food.

Conversation about “The Challenges of Capitalism” between Gustavo Grobocopatel and Bernardo Toro

“The paradigm of care has the power to repair the past and ensure the future”

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Grupo Los Grobo today

We are a leading company in the provision of products, services and knowledge for the agricultural chain value.

We apply the most advanced global technologies to the manufacture of products with high added value intended for the local market.

We are ranked among the top 5 leading Milling Groups in Argentina.

Wheat and soy: We are the leading producers in Argentina.

Our production is sustainable and safe.

Our company is the only one manufacturing products for crop protection from their synthesis and formulation.

We adjust to different contexts and needs, integrating farming, industry and services into a flexible model.

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GROBO 1923 corn: the characteristics of the first own-brand hybrid that includes innovative genetics

Los Grobo is closing the fiscal year 21/22 with a record of more than 150 million dollars from the sale of supplies.

The food crisis provides Latin America with an opportunity to transform its agriculture, says Argentine entrepreneur Grobocopatel in dialogue with IICA Director General

Agricultural businessman, agricultural engineer and international consultant Gustavo Grobocopatel, during a dialogue with IICA Director General Manuel Otero, at the headquarters of the Institute in San Jose, Costa Rica.

"Los Grobo is a company that innovates in production, sustainability and digitization"

Enrique Flaiban, CEO of Grupo Los Grobo, was invited by Líderes TV to be part of the "Innovation and technology" panel, one of the segments of the third edition of "CEO's E-volution".