Vision. Mission. Values

Our Vision

In Los Grobo, we see people working in a team. With open and clear dialogues. We see people doing businesses. Building companies, solving problems to their customers and adding value to their business.

We see people constantly training, thinking and rethinking how to improve, discussing the concepts that sustain and project their improvement. People working together with scientists, exploring the technological frontiers, increasing the productivity and quality of the products. Innovating, creating value for the society from the laboratory, from the farm.

We see people that believe in a new industrial revolution, green, from the farm, with the development of bioenergy, biopharmaceutical, bioplastic, microbiology, robotics, nanotechnology and other avant-garde technologies.

We see happy people. We see knowledge workers, more productive, more committed, relocated, flexible, with inner power, conscious of their well-being. Conscious of expanding this way of getting things done, our culture, to our community.

We see people that lead, transform, challenge and don’t fear change. People that generate progress, better education and well-being for the people and their communities. Pushing forward, globally articulated.

We see people that share their knowledge to the rest of the world, leading the technological and organizational innovation in agribusinesses, creating ecosystems of sustainable and inclusive businesses.

We see world customers and suppliers choosing us, for being trustworthy and for sharing our vision of life businesses. We see people of work, eager and passionate, with clear objectives, looking ahead but operating closely.

Our Mission

We want to be the best ally in the chain for our ability to interpret and accept our paradigms and turn our ideas into innovative products and services.

We want to be chosen by world investors that seek to transform and be transformed, that feel proud and satisfied of being part.

To be the best environment for the development of people and their context, therefore we provide raw materials, services and information to the agri-food network.

Our Values

Passion for doing.
Intelligence to realize.
Generosity to share.

In Los Grobo we don’t predict the future. We build it every day.

We invite you to join us..
Together we add value.


Ethics and Compliance