At Los Grobo we see ourselves as one of the leading agro-industrial companies in South America. For more than 35 years we have been producing, processing and marketing a wide variety of commodities and agro-foods. We export our products to both regional and global markets, being recognized for the high quality of our production and reliability.

Integration model through knowledge and innovation: Our strategic objective is to integrate the supply chain from the producer to the consumer, with the purpose of guaranteeing the excellence in the processes and the quality of our products. Our extensive network of clients, suppliers and strategic partners as well as our ability to integrate vertically position us as the ideal partner when it comes to sourcing high quality food products.

Primary production

Processing Plants

Consolidation Center

Export Services

Customs and Consolidation Center

In our San Miguel del Monte plant, next to the process plant, there is a Customs Consolidation Center that allows the direct loading of containers for export.

We have the appropriate infrastructure for the conservation and handling of products, through processes that are controlled and supervised by customs, from start to finish facilitating operations, reducing operating costs, providing a more appropriate framework for the consolidation of each load and greater security in the sealing of the transport in origin.

Commodities and Specialties

We use the best practices and technology available for the production of extensive crops and pulses. We originate, market and export high quality products for the most demanding markets in the world. The geographical expansion allows us to cultivate each variety in the most suitable zone for its production, assuring its maximum potential of quality and yield.







We produce flours for both family and industrial consumption, premixes for the production of processed foods and special mixtures depending on the demand of each client. Our products are recognized by the consumer and the market, thanks to the quality and efficiency of our production processes. Presentation: packages of 25 kgs / Big Bags.



Frozen bread


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