LOS GROBO AGROPECUARIA – Services for food production

We are the leader agribusiness company in providing products, services and knowledge for the food chain in Argentina and the region.

We offer a wide platform of traditional businesses that vary from grain marketing, storage and logistics solutions to the agrochemicals supply and technical assessment for farm production.

Our enterprising spirit, knowledge of the activity and our model of integration have let us offer a wide range of added value services in the agribusiness sector: Business partnerships, financial assessment, wheat businesses for the production of flour, Selected Seed, Production and Specialties businesses, Precision Agriculture.

Sowing, trading and services

Related crops

Distribution of inputs

Seed multipliers

Sowing, trading and services

We integrate the grain business from the sowing stage, traded in our offices, to the provision of logistics services as well as services at the plant, and we also assist in the trading of grains in all ports and markets.

Our operating capacity allows us to process great volumes of grains with efficiency, quickly and safely.

We do business tailored to producers, with a strategic view of their commercial needs and with more than 20 unloading points that include conditioning plants, ports, processing plants, flour mills and direct cargo facilities for export activities.

Related crops

We manage, under different association and share risk models, 220,000 ha of sustainable production with a 50% share. In addition to traditional products, we are pioneers in the management of specialties.

We maximize strengths to achieve the greatest efficiency in managing resources – land, capital, work and knowledge – by applying technology, a deep knowledge of the territory and risk diversification.

The technological platforms we use allow us to manage all the knowledge available for each plot of land, to boost productivity and maximize profitability.

Distribution of inputs

We are the representatives of the most important suppliers of agrochemicals, fertilizers and seeds, which we distribute through our more than 30 offices strategically located in 4 provinces.

We offer the most complete variety of agricultural inputs to meet all your production needs, relying on the convenience that means being in your area.

The strategical location of our 25 input warehouses has a favorable impact on operating costs, timing and the efficiency of productive processes.

We have forged strategic alliances with the best suppliers operating in Argentina, in addition to having Agrofina, our own line of products.

Service centers integrated with grain storage

We manage a network of logistics partners for transport, conditioning and storage of grains and inputs. We trace and monitor goods in transit, storage, logistics alternatives, conditioning of physical goods, removal of silo bags and quality sampling. We do it efficiently, with operations on scale and applying territory logistics to all production areas where we operate.

We operate a container cargo Plant with access to different ports, which allow us to enlarge our service offerings following quality processes and with state-of-the-art structure.

Seed multipliers

We are the representatives and seed multipliers of the main seed breeders. We have our own seed classification and processing plants in Jesús María (Córdoba), San Miguel del Monte, and Tandil (Buenos Aires), in addition to the distribution through our wide range of offices, which enable us to offer our clients the best proposals for germplasm and quality in autogamous seeds.

Besides traditional crops, we are steadily working on the processing, selling and export of legume seeds.

Our Integrated Service Centers, Warehouses and network of stores are located in the core regions of Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Entre Rios and Cordoba, over the main productive corridors in our country.

We see: "Grupo Los Grobo and the network in which it takes part processing raw materials in the entire country and in the entire world, thus becoming horizontally and vertically integrated." The Grobo Culture