Los Grobo in the Media

Enrique Iglesias: ”Hand in hand with technology we can offer better products to the world”
March 26, 2021
The Uruguayan leader said so in the presentation of a digital relationship platform presented by the agricultural businessman Gustavo Grobocopatel.
Enrique Iglesias, former president of the IDB:
March 25, 2021
In a dialogue with the agro-industrial businessman Gustavo Grobocopatel, he highlighted the potential of Mercosur due to its resources and its "creativity."
Grupo Los Grobo presented a new digital platform, with all the information necessary to make better decisions in agriculture
March 24, 2021
The new tool, called Mauá, offers the producer updated data on climate, crop status, prices and products. In addition, it is a link between the company and its customers.
Gustavo Grobocopatel: “MAUÁ is projected as a fundamental tool in these turbulent and uncertain times“
March 23, 2021
Los Grobo presented MAUÁ. In this first stage, this APP incorporates in a friendly and easily accessible way, all the information regarding commercial operations and current account, news and weather forecasts, geolocated crop monitoring of each specific farm, updated and relevant market data and community activities.-
Los Grobo promotes digital agriculture
March 20, 2021
With the name of Mauá, Los Grobo will have a network platform to integrate its services.
Los Grobo presents a digital management platform for the field
March 19, 2021
Through MAUÁ you will be able to access knowledge, collaborate in decision-making and receive information permanently.
LOS GROBO presents MAUÁ, its digital business development application
March 18, 2021
Within the ambitious program for the development of innovative technologies that Los Grobo promotes and whose objective is to be closer to our clients, contributing valuable elements for the growth and deepening of the relationship that unites us, we will be incorporating into our operations in the coming days a powerful digital relationship platform.
We present Mauá
March 15, 2021
Dear business partners / friends: Within the program of incorporation of technologies that aim to be closer to our clients, contributing valuable elements for the growth and deepening of the relationship that unites us, we want to share our enthusiasm for launching an innovative digital relationship platform in the coming days.
Puerto Quequén: winners and bettors on the rise of the Buenos Aires cereal enclave
January 27, 2021
Record milestones in 2020. COFCO, in the lead. Glencore and the Vicentín effect. Los Grobo and the first turn from Cebada to China.
Grupo Los Grobo is one of the most attractive companies for personal development
January 06, 2021
According to the ranking prepared by the MERCO consulting firm for its Talent division, which is responsible for assessing annually which are, from the perspective of its employees and other actors, those companies that best manage their talent and are, therefore, attractive to work with; Grupo Los Grobo ranks first in its Agricultural sector and ranks 58th in the general ranking.
Agrofina opens the doors to show its solutions in resistant weeds
December 14, 2020
In order to face the problem of control of black branch and red yuyo in soybean pre-planting, Agrofina proposes to carry out a detailed monitoring of Alana's performance in the weed control strategy presented by producers in their lots
Grupo Los Grobo, one of the companies with the best reputation in the country
November 25, 2020
For the ninth consecutive year, Grupo Los Grobo maintained the first place as the company with the Best Corporate Reputation in its sector.
Gustavo Grobocopatel was distinguished with the Doctorate Honoris Causa by the University of Concepción del Uruguay
November 20, 2020
The ceremony took place yesterday with a virtual meeting broadcast through the UCU institutional channel on YouTube.
Grobocopatel will be Doctor Honoris Causa from the University of Concepción del Uruguay
November 03, 2020
The University of Concepción del Uruguay (UCU) will award the title of Doctor Honoris Causa to the Agronomist Gustavo Grobocopatel, through a virtual ceremony that will take place on November 19. Upon receiving the distinction, Grobocopatel will offer its Doctoral Conference on "Sustainable Development in of uncertainty".
Business council launched to export more to India
October 15, 2020
The purpose is to diversify sales concentrated in few products derived from soybeans.
The government aims to multiply bilateral trade with India
October 14, 2020
The Minister of Productive Development, Matías Kulfas; and the Indian ambassador to Argentina, Dinesh Bhatia, launched the India-Argentina Business Council, made up of 26 companies and chambers from both countries.
Ranking List of 2019 Top 10 Local Agrochemical Companies in Argentina
August 20, 2020
Sales of agrochemicals in Argentina reached some US$ 2.8 billion in 2019, up 13% compared to 2018.
Grupo Los Grobo launched its first own brand corn on the market
August 05, 2020
The Grobo 1923 BTRG is a very stable, prolific material and ideal for medium and low density plantings. With tolerance to diatraea, the main pest of corn and resistant to glyphosate.
A new edition of RTRS audit was carried out for Grupo Los Grobo
July 29, 2020
In this edition the audit was carried out in a virtual way, where the production team of Los Grobo Agropecuaria SA, delocalized, exposed the completion of the points referred to the standard.
Gustavo Grobocopatel and Grupo Los Grobo among the most influential entrepreneurs and companies in our country
July 13, 2020
During the month of July, the HORSE Consultant released a public image survey with the objective of evaluating the most Influential Companies and Executives in Argentina.
AgroEmpresas: Los Grobo launches its first corn hybrid
July 07, 2020
Within the framework of the first virtual Maizar Congress, the Los Grobo Group launched its first commercial corn hybrid: Grobo 1923 BTRG.
Grupo Los Grobo presents its first own brand corn
June 24, 2020
At the framework of the first Virtual Maizar 4.0 Congress, Grupo Los Grobo launched its first commercial corn hybrid: Grobo 1923 BTRG.
Environment Day
June 05, 2020
We report some of the actions that we are implementing at Grupo Los Grobo to guarantee the Sustainable Management of our resources.
With genetics and associated plantings, sunflower gains ground in the southeast
June 01, 2020
In Lobería, Diego Casais found the seeds and the management he needed for the crop to yield, and today he allocates 40 percent of the planted area.
Grobocopatel: “to function well, capitalism requires a quality State“
May 30, 2020
"Perhaps the town is hydrogen and the market is oxygen, when they are separated there is fire, but if they come together, water forms and we can fight the fires that are being generated in society," said the soybean king.
Time to conjugate in the plural
April 29, 2020
By Gustavo Grobocopatel. The capitalist system needed corrections and rectifications. It is to be hoped that the times to come will encourage progress with equity.
Ethiopia, possible mirror of Argentina
April 08, 2020
Ethiopia is a country in permanent transformation, with a mystical integration of beliefs and religions, a diversity that overwhelms and illuminates and an intense history that is permanently written. The main themes of the global debate appear here, a country with more than 110 million inhabitants where 80% live in rural areas. Migrations to cities put pressure on governments to define how to receive the children of producers seeking a better quality of life, how to create jobs and sufficient public goods and services. In rural Ethiopia, in vast rural areas of Africa and other parts of the world, poverty hurts, communications make it more evident, and families disintegrate.
At Grupo Los Grobo, we are committed...
April 07, 2020
With our country, guaranteeing production for both domestic consumption and export.
Information to Clients, Suppliers and Carriers of Grupo Los Grobo
March 18, 2020
Regarding the prevention measures ordered by the official organisms, tending to avoid the circulation of the Coronavirus (Covid 19), from Grupo Los Grobo we have resolved to immediately apply a series of actions to protect our health and that of our Network.
“We need to grow heterodoxically“
March 16, 2020
The president of the Los Grobo Group assures that the country must start to grow now, even if it still has not resolved the debt issue. How agribusiness can contribute more than 3.5% to GDP. Why does he say that the retentions "only benefit Brazil and Uruguay".
AcercaRSE Group: The first 2020 meeting was held to start planning a new year of work
March 03, 2020
AboutRSE, the social responsibility group formed by companies from Campana and Zárate, began planning a new year of actions aimed at promoting sustainable culture and improving the employability of students in the region. In the first meeting 2020, which was held in Tenaris, "the group made a positive balance of the actions carried out in 2019 and confirmed the continuity of most of the member companies" they explained to this Multimedia.
The plant of Grupo Los Grobo was a Reception Center during the first day of Collection of Phytosanitary Containers
February 13, 2020
On Wednesday, February 12, a day of collection of empty phytosanitary containers convened by the Provincial Agency for Sustainable Development (OPDS) and Campo Limpio was carried out in compliance with Law 27,279, in effect since 2019.
Grupo Los Grobo participated in the first day of collection of empty phytosanitary containers
February 12, 2020
Last Friday, February 7, a collection day for empty phytosanitary containers convened by the OPDS and Campo Limpio was carried out in compliance with Law 27,279, in force since 2019.
Grobocopatel spoke at the Circle of Legislators
February 07, 2020
The president of the agro-industrial group "Los Grobo" Gustavo Grobocopatel spoke at the meeting organized by the Circle of Legislators of the Argentine Nation, and coordinated by the Secretariat of Production.
Fear of progress, brakes to the future
February 06, 2020
Analysis on the cross between technologies and politics in the light of the Law of Knowledge Economy.
Alegre was part of the debate on Africa, a development challenge for Argentina
February 06, 2020
Organized by the Circle of Legislators of the Argentine Nation and Coordinated by the Secretariat of Production of the Institute of Strategic Studies and International Relations (IEERI), Engineer Gustavo Grobocopatel spoke on the opportunity of development of Argentina in Africa.
Volunteers of Grupo Los Grobo donate $ 50,000 in materials and work equipment to the Scientific and Technological Center
February 05, 2020
The Technological Scientific Pole of Trenque Lauquen was benefited with the delivery of electronic kits, materials for the construction of astronomical clocks and a router worth 50,000 pesos, thanks to a project presented by local members of the Corporate Volunteering program of Grupo Los Grobo was chosen among the five winners of the 2019 edition of “Campo Social”.
Africa, a development challenge for Argentina
February 04, 2020
With a breakfast that was attended by Ing. Gustavo Grobocopatel and the Ambassador of Morocco in Argentina Fares Yassir, we began the activities planned for this year.
Grupo Los Grobo financed the winning projects of its Corporate Volunteering program in different locations
February 04, 2020
At the end of last year, the winning projects of the 2019 edition of “Social Field” were announced, the Corporate Volunteering program that Grupo Los Grobo has been implementing for more than 10 years.
Grupo Los Grobo Coordinated the Delivery of Furniture and Computer Equipment to Local Institutions
December 11, 2019
2139/5000 During the months of August to November of this year, Grupo Los Grobo donated computers, printers, photocopiers and office furniture to Carlos Casares institutions.
Grobocopatel said that an increase in retentions will reduce agricultural production
December 10, 2019
The agricultural entrepreneur participated in the Cycle of Conferences of the Rotary Club of Buenos Aires and maintained that "he hopes that Peronism is the computer of the society."
Grupo Los Grobo receives loan to finance exports
December 09, 2019
Los Grobo Agropecuaria and Agrofina, Argentine companies in the agribusiness sector and part of the Los Grobo Group, received a 50 million dollar long-term loan from the Dutch institution Promontoria Holding 318.
The Acercarse Group culminated its activities this year
December 06, 2019
The AcercaRSE Group, of which Agrofina is a part, closed the 2019 edition of its “La Garbage Serve” program by delivering awards, school supplies kits and teaching materials to the Zarate, Campana and Lima schools that were participating in the same.
The first edition of the AGROBIT day was held in Tandil
November 28, 2019
The meeting, held this Thursday at the Tandil Golf Club, aimed to raise awareness of the challenges of the agribusiness sector, new technologies and IT advances applied to the sector, the importance and impact of biotechnology, connect demands and solutions to the challenges of field and generate business.
Representatives of the Talent and MASH Areas participated in the executive program for sustainable development
November 21, 2019
Flavio Sesma, Mariela Verde and Mariela Perini participated in the Second Edition of the Executive Program for Sustainable Development of Fundación Urbania, sponsored by the AboutRSE Group, other companies and organizations.
Order of Branco River. Brazil decorated producer Gustavo Grobocopatel
November 12, 2019
The agricultural entrepreneur Gustavo Grobocopatel, the executive Isela Costantini and Manuel Ruiz Díaz were awarded the insignia of the Order of the Branco River, granted by the Government of Brazil.
Grobocopatel: “We meet at Venado Tuerto to listen to them and interact with our customers“
November 08, 2019
Despite having set up a true empire with his company Los Grobo, Gustavo Grobocopatel is known as a simple type, of those millionaires who do not show off.
Gustavo Grobocopatel was decorated at the Brazilian Embassy with the “Order of Rio Branco 2019“
November 07, 2019
In a ceremony that took place on November 6 at the Pereda Palace, the imposition of insignia of the Order of Rio Branco was carried out with which it is intended to honor Brazilian and foreign people and institutions that, for their services and Exceptional merits, have earned the public recognition of the government and the Foreign Ministry of Brazil.
Super CAMPO present at the VIII Agribusiness Forum
November 05, 2019
LIDE Argentina made a new National Agribusiness Forum in which topics relevant to the sector were presented. Super CAMPO was half sponsor.
Gustavo Grobo believes that the new government knows that “Argentina has no way out if it is not with exports“
November 04, 2019
"Argentina has no way out if it is not with exports," said Gustavo Grobocopatel, president of Grupo Los Grobo, in an interview with Bichos de Campo. But we all already knew how this agricultural entrepreneur thinks. The important thing is that he now seems convinced that Alberto Fernández's government thinks exactly the same thing and that therefore he would not impose restrictions as has happened in the past with meat, dairy and wheat.
Los Grobo reduced its debt and achieved Fix rating improvement
November 01, 2019
Months ago, he made a capital injection of US $ 100 million and obtained a loan of US $ 44 million. And he went from a Negative perspective to Stable.
LIDE Forum: “Argentina needs US$15 billion per year to balance its economy“
October 31, 2019
Buenos Aires, October 31st. Today LIDE, the acronym of “Lideres de Empresas”, carried out its Agribusiness Chapter annual convention. It was the first relevant meeting of the agribusiness sector after the presidential election, past Sunday, October 27th.
Agribusiness 2020: the theme of the VIII National Agribusiness Forum, of Lide Argentina
October 30, 2019
With the participation of prominent speakers, the Forum of Lide Argentina will be held in Buenos Aires on October 31.
Agrofina: How are producers facing resistant weed control?
October 29, 2019
Interview with Lisandro Guerrieri, Development and Technical Service Manager in Agrofina.
Argentinian farmers increase the use of STS soybean
October 15, 2019
Buenos Aires, October 15th. Analysts from the Buenos Aires Grains Exchange informed that Argentinian farmers are increasing the use of sulfonylurea-tolerant soybeans (STS) varieties, a non-GMO trait that confers to the crop with tolerance to certain ALS-inhibitor herbicides.
Grupo Los Grobo arrives to General Belgrano
October 03, 2019
With the objective of consolidating its presence in the east of the province of Buenos Aires, Grupo Los Grobo inaugurated a new integrated services center in General Belgrano from where it intends to extend its business and products network in order to favor the logistics of its customers and suppliers in the area.
The 100 most reputable companies in Argentina
October 01, 2019
According to the dictionary, reputation is "the opinion or consideration in which someone or something is held." Corporate reputation is a newer, broader concept that takes on special value in times of uncertainty. Among other benefits, prestige improves stock prices, attracts talent, enhances the commercial supply of goods and services and dampens the impact in the event of possible crises, such as the one facing Argentina today.
Grupo Los Grobo is the agricultural company with the best corporate reputation
September 30, 2019
The 24th of September, during a ceremony that takes place in the Salon of the Colón Theater, will report the results of MERCO Empresas and MERCO Leaders 2019, an exhaustive Corporate Reputation ranking that evaluates the 100 best companies in the country.
Merco Ranking 2019: The 100 most reputable companies in Argentina
September 29, 2019
Arcor, Mercado Libre and Toyota lead a ranking that was drawn up with more than 16,000 surveys. Does the crisis impact corporate reputation?
Merco Ranking: stakeholder evaluation. The preferred companies of experts and common people
September 29, 2019
As is traditional, in addition to preparing the general ranking of companies and business leaders, the research also distinguishes those that were best valued by item, on a total universe of 32: agriculture (Grupo Los Grobo), food (Arcor), automotive ( Toyota), banking (Banco Galicia), drinks (Quilmes), fuel (YPF), consulting (Accenture), real estate development (Irsa) and specialized distribution (Farmacity).
MERCO Ranking: Ranking of business leaders
September 29, 2019
Unlike the ranking of companies, in the evaluation of business leaders, the opinions of two stakeholders are especially important: communication directors and economic information journalists.
Grupo Los Grobo arrives to General Belgrano
September 17, 2019
With the aim of consolidating its presence in the east of the province of Buenos Aires, Grupo Los Grobo inaugurates a new integrated services center in the city of General Belgrano from where it intends to expand its business and product network in order to favor the logistics of its customers and suppliers in the area.
What are we Argentines? The opinion of Gustavo Grobocopatel, the king of soybeans
September 13, 2019
One of the great innovators in the Argentine field is the first interviewee of this new section of Telenoche.
Grupo Los Grobo arrives to Huinca Renancó
September 12, 2019
The economic group that operates in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay inaugurated its offices in Huinca on Tuesday with the presence of one of the firm's proprietary partners, Gustavo Grobocopatel, who gave a press conference to local media together with Agustín Valdez, who will be in charge of the distribution in this City.
Grupo Los Grobo arrives in Huinca Renancó and adds a new branch in the Province of Córdoba
September 10, 2019
With the objective of consolidating its presence in the province of Córdoba, Grupo Los Grobo inaugurates a new integrated services center in the city of Huinca Renancó from where it intends to expand its business and product network in order to favor the logistics of its customers and suppliers in the zone.
Asset rotation and good practices, the keys to the control of resistant weeds
September 02, 2019
From Agrofina they recommend betting on Alana, their new green band herbicide that uses two different modes of action. In addition, the firm launched two graminicides.
Sustainability. The step by step of the big companies for a compelling challenge
August 26, 2019
Large companies linked to agricultural production took note of the demands that, increasingly, are imposed around sustainability and are fine tuning in that direction. More than a fashion, they have it incorporated as a key element to differentiate themselves in a context that is not only competitive, but where the eyes of society in general remain attentive to what is happening in the sector.
Agrofina presented “Alana” at the Aapresid Congress 2019
August 14, 2019
Once again Agrofina was present at the XXVII AAPRESID Congress 2019, Campo en Acción spoke with Marketing Manager Carlos Lamas about this new launch of the company.
Agrofina's plans
August 13, 2019
During Aapresid the company presented new alternatives for the present and drew up an ambitious plan for the future.
Agrofina launched three new herbicides in the Aapresid Congress
August 12, 2019
Lisandro Guerrieri, Agrofina Technical Service Development Manager, spoke with Word of Field about the news that the firm took to Rosario.
A new herbicide in the market
August 09, 2019
Alana, from Agrofina, is a product for the pre-planting of soybeans and prevent red yoke and black branch. The company also launched Aapresid Halox 81 and Kylian 48.
Inputs: Concentrate products to improve processes and be more sustainable
August 09, 2019
The firm Agrofina stressed at the 27th Aapresid Congress 30: 10000 Soil Consciousness, that in the next campaigns they will achieve a reduction of 150 tons of plastic containers that are circling the environment.
“For the next campaign we estimate a growth of 25%“
August 08, 2019
The 147 million tons projected by the National Government for the 2018-2019 agricultural campaign set a new record for Argentine agriculture. The higher turnover affected the optimism of the agribusiness companies that already envision a next cycle with good prospects.
Agrofina Presents Alana at the Aapresid Congress
August 08, 2019
AGROFINA will be present once again at the XXVII AAPRESID 2019 Congress “30: 10,000 SOIL Consciousness” from August 7 to 9 at the Metropolitan of Rosario.
Grobocopatel: “Win who wins has to lead the development project and face structural reforms“
August 08, 2019
If there is something that characterizes the agribusiness entrepreneur Gustavo Grobocopatel is enthusiasm. Beyond the difficulties of the situation, it shows an optimistic look at the futro of agriculture and the country.
Los Grobo climbs to record harvest: expects to grow 25%
August 07, 2019
The 147 million tons projected by the National Government for the 2018-2019 agricultural campaign set a new record for Argentine agriculture. The higher turnover affected the optimism of the agribusiness companies that already envision a next cycle with good prospects.
“Sustainability must go hand in hand with technological development“
August 07, 2019
On the opening day of the Aapresid Congress, full of public, where the challenge of scientific knowledge in agriculture is the main axis of discussion, Gustavo Grobocopatel told us about the evolution of the Aapresid Congress in the 30 years of history and provided his vision on the productive news of Argentina.
Grupo Los Grobo opened a branch in Gualeguay
July 23, 2019
At noon today, Grupo Los Grobo inaugurated a new integrated services center in our city on Provincial Route 11 km 233 from where it intends to expand its business and product network in order to favor the logistics of its customers and suppliers in the area.
Grupo Los Grobo lands in Gualeguay and expands its presence in Entre Ríos
July 23, 2019
With the aim of consolidating its presence in the province of Entre Ríos, Grupo Los Grobo inaugurated a new integrated services center in the city of Gualeguay from where it intends to expand its business and product network in order to favor the logistics of its customers and suppliers in the zone.
Grupo Los Grobo opens a branch in Gualeguay
July 22, 2019
Grupo Los Grobo will inaugurate a new integrated services center in our city on Provincial Route 11 km 233 from where it intends to expand its business and products network in order to favor the logistics of its customers and suppliers in the area.
They open their office tomorrow on Route 11; Los Grobo arrives in Gualeguay
July 22, 2019
With the aim of consolidating its presence in the province of Entre Ríos, Grupo Los Grobo inaugurates a new integrated services center in the city of Gualeguay from where it intends to expand its business and product network in order to favor the logistics of its customers and suppliers in the zone.
The Grobo are up to the new race of biological inputs
July 11, 2019
Grupo Los Grobo, chaired by the famous businessman Gustavo Grobocopatel, has in its business branch the company Agrofina, which manufactures phytosanitary supplies for agriculture and was acquired by the Group in 2013.
Lead image ranking and responsibility
July 04, 2019
It is considered the most responsible agricultural company and with the best corporate governance.
Grobocopatel clarified who should disappear: “The mistake was to talk about sectors and not companies“
July 03, 2019
The agricultural entrepreneur said that if companies "do not do things well, they will do badly". Grobocopatel called for changes in the public sector through laws. "If in 10 years we can not make those reforms with this treaty, it's going to go wrong," he said.
Gustavo Grobocopatel said that the agreement with the EU forces Mercosur to be competitive
July 03, 2019
These treaties "do not have to look at what sectors benefit or harm, we must look at them in the key that changes the direction of the ship, towards a direction of progress" for which "we will have to do a lot of things" to achieve the success.
“The agreement with the European Union requires reforms to be competitive“
July 02, 2019
O empresário agropecuário Gustavo Grobocopatel disse que o acordo Mercosul-União Européia é uma "questão de Estado" e um "interesse nacional" que cria condições para que nosso país "converja para a Europa" dentro de quinze anos.
Gustavo Grobocopatel: “You have to let some sectors disappear“
July 01, 2019
The president of the Los Grobo group, Gustavo Grobocopatel, referred to the signing of the agreement between Mercosur and the European Union and said that there is no need to fear the consequences and that "we must allow [economic] sectors to disappear".
For Grobocopatel the region will have to let some sectors disappear
June 29, 2019
The president of the powerful entrepreneur group Los Grobo, Gustavo Grobocopatel, said that the region will have to let some sectors of its economy "disappear" to focus on the most competitive items, in view of the validity of the Mercosur agreement with the European Union.
We are not rich, we must work to be it
June 27, 2019
We must recreate a society of hope, mobility and progress; that is the current challenge and the new generations.
Debates in Argentina that dreams
June 27, 2019
The encounters with people who work and dream are like fresh air. Somewhere on the pampa, Agronomists discuss how to get to higher productivities ceilings. The new germplasms and, above all, the agriculture by environments, allow us to think about higher crop yields.
OPEC of soy
June 10, 2019
Soy is the agricultural commodity that exhibited the highest growth rate in the last three decades. The expansion accelerated markedly in the last decade: in 2010, world production was just over 200 million tons. Today is arriving at 400.
Agriculture is enlarged: large companies diversify
May 23, 2019
Los Grobo expands beyond soy and San Miguel, not just with lemons. Adecoagro bets on dairy products, rice and peanuts.
Jorge Arpi, CEO of Los Grobo: how to value the company and make it attractive for strategic operators
May 20, 2019
A few weeks ago, eFarmNewsAr.com participated in the conference press where Grupo Los Grobo and Victoria Capital Partners (VCP) announced the injection of US$100 million to reduce its financial exposure.
Yesterday, Thursday, May 16th we met CEO Jorge Arpi in the headquarters of Agrofina, the agrochemical company that forms part of the holding. We wanted to know more about how this equity fund is thinking on the strategy in this iconic company of Argentine farming.
Grobocopatel: “With zero retentions and pulses, it could reach 200 million tons“
May 20, 2019
The president of Los Grobo analyzes the moment of the agricultural sector and talks about the opportunities of post-granary agriculture, taxes and reforms that the next government will have to do.
Agroindustrial group will invest 100 million dollars
May 16, 2019
It is a company whose growth plan contemplates a territorial expansion and an increase in the value of its sales. Projects to double your billing.
Los Grobo plans to bill 1,000,000 billon USD by 2020
May 14, 2019
In 35 years, the firm of Carlos Casares went from being a family member to a group that provides products and services for the entire agricultural chain with 700 employees.
Grobocopatel said that “we must convince the world about wheat resistant to drought“
May 10, 2019
"In Argentina we managed to be world leaders in this development and the Argentine society has to decide if it wants to be a leader or not," said regarding HB4 wheat resistant to drought.
“With more competition, the quality of the business ecosystem is improved“
May 09, 2019
With a series of economic definitions and three-Puerto Rican clients in their local portfolio, from the beginning, the entrepreneur Gustavo Grobocopatel opened a subsidiary of Los Grobo, a firm that is installed in different strategic points of the country, for the development of agribusiness. Expecting how the activity of his company will develop in the district, he announced that they will bring their clients -farmer producers from Tres Arroyos- "proposals that add value".
Los Grobo opened its branch in Tres Arroyos
May 08, 2019
This Tuesday afternoon, the new Los Grobo service center was inaugurated in Tres Arroyos. It is located at Av. General Mosconi 485 and the person in charge is Gustavo van Strien. Gustavo Grobocopatel, president of Grupo Los Grobo, was present, accompanied by the CEO, Jorge Arpi.
Grupo Los Grobo will invest 100 million dollars until 2022
May 07, 2019
The company reported its intention to almost double its turnover in 2022, going from US $ 525 million at present to US $ 1.01 billion and reducing its debt.
Grupo Los Grobo inaugurated its new service center in Tres Arroyos
May 07, 2019
With the aim of consolidating its presence in southeastern Buenos Aires, Grupo Los Grobo landed in the city of Tres Arroyos from where it intends to expand its network of services and products.
Los Grobo will open a service center in Tres Arroyos
May 06, 2019
This Tuesday afternoon, from 6 pm, the new Los Grobo service center will open in Tres Arroyos. It will be located at Av. General Mosconi 485 and the person in charge will be Gustavo Van Strien.
The plans of Los Grobo: billing US $ 1,000 M for 2022
May 03, 2019
In 35 years Los Grobo went from being a family company with 4 people to a group that provides products and services for the entire agricultural chain, which has 700 employees.
Los Grobo is rearranged to double its turnover by 2022
May 01, 2019
Grupo Los Grobo made a presentation where it showed its plan of readjustment with which it intends to double its turnover and raise it to more than one billion dollars per year by mid-2022.
Los Grobo plan to open 16 new branches
April 30, 2019
The company plans to grow in billing and move from the current $ 600 million per year to $ 1 billion in 2022. Impressions by Gustavo Grobocopatel.
Victoria Capital Partners injects US$100 million in Los Grobo to reduce its financial exposition
April 29, 2019
Today, the board of Grupo Los Grobo announced that its major partner Victoria Capitals injected US$100 million in the company to reduce its financial debt.
Los Grobo aspires to become the first unicorn of the field
April 26, 2019
In the last two years, after the incorporation of the Victoria Capital Fund, the fund grew more than three times. The possibilities of an IPO.
Los Grobo will invest US $ 100 million and project to bill US $ 1 billion
April 25, 2019
The agroindustrial group Los Grobo will invest US $ 100 million in a growth project for Argentina until 2022.
Disburse of US $ 100 million in Los Grobo to lower the debt and grow
April 25, 2019
It is an injection of Victoria Capital that joined the company in 2016. Gustavo and Matilde Grobocopatel retain their shareholding of 26%. Strong signal amid the tension of the markets.
“China and Africa demand what the Argentine countryside produces“
April 04, 2019
Participation of the President of Grupo Los Grobo in the program hosted by Alejandro Fantino on América TV. Situation of the national economy. Foreign currencies. Technology and innovation in the national agroindustry and more topics. Monday, April 1, 2019.
Grupo Los Grobo leads the ranking again as the most responsible Agro company with the best corporate governance
April 01, 2019
Arcor, Natura and Unilever lead among those that implement ethical and management policies that contribute to society.
“We farmers are bad, but happy“
March 14, 2019
"The sector is paying a lot of money in taxes, probably more than in the time of Cristina," said the agricultural entrepreneur.
Vietnam. A market that increases its relevance for Argentine exports
March 14, 2019
With fewer obstacles and greater benefits for producers, the Government seeks to strengthen and expand sales to that country, with the challenge of adding innovative products with added value.
“Transgenic wheat is Argentine and increases productivity by 20%, with or without drought“
March 12, 2019
Carlos Etchepare receives the president of Grupo Los Grobo, Gustavo Grobocopatel. A talk on the transgenic wheat event, its proposal to develop the production and export of pulses to India and its position on retentions and the tariff differential for the soybean oil industry. Rural News Program, edition Sunday 10/03/2019.
“The law of seeds will allow to create a new industry“
March 08, 2019
The president of Grupo Los Grobo, spoke with BCR News about various issues of the current situation. "It is a good way for the entire agro-industrial chain to have direct communication with the president," he said.
Grobocopatel's plan to transform legumes into the new soybean
February 22, 2019
Traveling in India with Macri, the businessman considered that the projection of consumption in that country represents an opportunity for Argentine exports.
For the President the tour of India and Vietnam was positive and will open new businesses
February 21, 2019
He stressed that several companies have already placed their products. Bet on energy and defense.
India opens the market for lemons, eggs and seeds from Argentina
February 19, 2019
There was a commitment to "continue working to gain access to more agro-industrial products".
Who are the businessmen who travel with Mauricio Macri to India and Vietnam
February 17, 2019
Some 120 executives accompany the President to both official visits. They have more than 500 meetings on the agenda. They will seek to generate business and strengthen bilateral relations. There will be a stopover in the United Arab Emirates.
Gustavo Grobocopatel on transgenic wheat: “There are risks that have to be assumed“
February 15, 2019
Despite the resistance within the Government to allow cultivation, the entrepreneur defends the benefits of the seed created by Bioceres, a company that he himself founded.
Development of agribusiness in turbulent times
January 10, 2019
By Gustavo Grobocopatel (President of Grupo Los Grobo). For the December 2018 Edition of the Institutional Journal of the Rosario Stock Exchange.
Interested in Argentine wheat, Brazilian millers visited the southeast and southwestern Buenos Aires
January 03, 2019
It is estimated that Brazilians would buy between 5 and 7 million tons in Argentina, of which 3 million will leave Buenos Aires.
Escuelagro presented a management report and its plans for 2019
December 26, 2018
The experiences in different provinces, the updating of educational contents and the public private commitment were highlighted. It is expected that more companies in the sector will join the initiative.
Grupo Los Grobo inaugurated a new branch in Lincoln
December 19, 2018
With the aim of consolidating its presence in western Buenos Aires, Grupo Los Grobo landed in the city of Lincoln from where it intends to extend its network of services and products in order to favor the logistics of its customers and suppliers in the area.
The No Collar Economy: Argentina
December 15, 2018
Extract on the situation of the agricultural sector of Argentina and the visit of the staff of Foundation Bertelsmann to the Central Office of Grupo Los Grobo in Carlos Casares for the cycle of reports "The No Collar Economy".
Grupo Los Grobo donated laboratory items to an Agrarian School in Chivilcoy
December 14, 2018
They are equipments that will allow to contribute to the development and training in research and new technologies.
Grupo Los Grobo celebrated the reopening of the San Pedro branch and presented the facilities of its new Service Center
December 03, 2018
On November 27, a meeting was held with clients, producers and friends of San Pedro, to formally inaugurate the new offices and agro-inputs warehouse in this city.
The King of soy Gustavo Grobocopatel waits for golden times
November 29, 2018
Soybeans in Argentina Argentina is one of the largest soy producers in the world. Farmers are preparing for a lucrative year, as China no longer buys soy from the US, and it seems to have a good harvest.
Great transformations that impact on the world of work
November 26, 2018
The rhythm is amazing. Many initiatives, which began to be suggested a few years ago, are realities that are about to pass the proof of concept and be available to society. Some of them started with seemingly pointless investigations, breaking the idea that basic science is not applicable.
El Futuro Está en el Monte, a project that seeks to enhance the ancestral knowledge of the communities
November 12, 2018
For Elda Rojis and the rest of the Wichi women who make up the Chitsaj association of artisans, the mountain is a kind of supermarket from which they can obtain food without having to pay.
Market management and the growing global demand for food motorize the countryside
November 05, 2018
Referents from the Los Grobo group talked about the perspectives of the sector, the grain market and how to continue adding value. They warned that they will be times of opportunities for those who are alert to changes. Although it is not known what will happen with the prices, they are optimistic that the demand will continue to increase. The eleven-year agricultural agenda bets to continue producing.
Volunteers from Los Grobo donated books to the library of the School No. 12 of Tamangueyú
November 01, 2018
In the middle of the year, the winning projects of the 2018 edition of "Campo Social", the Corporate Volunteer program that Grupo Los Grobo has been implementing for more than a decade, were announced.
Opportunities for cooperation in AgTech with Australia
October 24, 2018
Officials from Argentina and Australia met to think of a plan that encourages the approach of agricultural producers to technology.
From private project to public policy, how to scale a social initiative?
October 16, 2018
Many companies develop social responsibility programs that generate a positive impact on Argentine communities. Some of these initiatives are replicated with the help of the State in other territories.
What are the causes of hunger in Argentina?
October 10, 2018
Interview with Gustavo Grobocopatel, President of Grupo Los Grobo in the "Perspectives from Buenos Aires" program. Hosted by Jonatan Viale. CNN Spanish.
The new paradigms
October 08, 2018
Is the postgranary agriculture coming? Gustavo Grobocopatel shot at the congress of Acsoja disruptive reflections on the future of production.
Grupo Los Grobo: The best in agriculture for the seventh consecutive year
October 01, 2018
During a ceremony that took place at the Golden Hall of the Colón Theater, the results of the MERCO 2018 Ranking, the Business Monitor of Corporate Reputation, which assesses the 100 companies with the best reputation in the country, were presented. Grupo Los Grobo maintained its podium as the company with the best image and prestige in its sector and Gustavo Grobocopatel was distinguished as one of the 5 most recognized business leaders in the country.
Grobocopatel: “The genetic edition modifies everything, lowers costs and democratizes“
September 28, 2018
Increasingly, robotization and artificial intelligence are being applied in agribusiness, with surprising results.
Grupo Los Grobo lands on Daireaux
September 25, 2018
With the aim of consolidating its presence in western Buenos Aires, Grupo Los Grobo opened a new Branch in the city of Daireaux from where it intends to extend its network of services and products in order to favor the logistics of its customers and suppliers in the area.
Volunteers from Los Grobo Donated Materials and Appliances to the SUM of the Club Florencio Varela de Chivilcoy
September 20, 2018
Last days the winning projects of the 2018 edition of "CampoSocial", the Corporate Volunteering program that Grupo Los Grobo has been implementing for more than 10 years, were announced.
Innovation in agribusiness production models
September 14, 2018
Dissertation by Gustavo Grobocopatel, President of Grupo Los Grobo, at Expo Agrofuturo 2018, under the heading "Innovation in agribusiness production models". August 21, 22 and 23. Corferias, Bogotá, Colombia.
A dramatic slump in glyphosate imports this year
September 10, 2018
The last weekly RIA Consultores’ report brings a sensible data: imports of glyphosate down from 27,676 tons Jan-Jul 2017 to 11,846 tons in the same time this year, i.e. an interannual 52% drop. These imports correspond to “technical grade” used by industry to obtain the formulated product, then selling to farmers.
Agrofina winner of the Fortuna 2018 Award for Best Chemical Company
August 28, 2018
As every year, the expectation created by the delivery of the Fortuna Awards to the Best and Largest Companies brought together about 300 guests on the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange, among them the majority of businessmen and executives of the most important firms that act in the country, politicians and people of culture in general.
Agrofina was recognized by the Fortuna Magazine as the Best Chemical Company in Argentina
August 28, 2018
Agrofina, one of the companies that make up Grupo Los Grobo, received the Fortuna 2018 Award for the Best Company in its sector, during the traditional ceremony organized by the economic magazine of Editorial Perfil for 14 years to recognize the Best and Largest Companies from Argentina.
Focusing on the agriculture of Africa: how was the consultancy of Los Grobo for Ghana
August 21, 2018
Focusing on the agriculture of Africa: how was the consultancy of Los Grobo for Ghana Grupo Los Grobo, the company headed by producer Gustavo Grobocopatel, has consulted for the African Development Bank on the development of savannas in Ghana, a country that could put into production between 1 and 2 million hectares in the coming years.
Agrofina and its new line of herbicides and fungicides
August 17, 2018
Within the framework of the XXVI Aapresid Congress in the City of Córdoba.
Agrofina, looking for alternatives for each crop
August 16, 2018
The head of Marketing of Agrofina, Mariano Bergoglio, said in Aapresid that "we have the most complete herbicide palette".
Agribusiness, much more than commodities
August 03, 2018
For those who do not stay only with the issues of the conjuncture; It represents a very good relief to see some of the exhibitions presented in the field of the week of engineering that every year organizes the Argentine center of engineers. It is a way of seeing that there are people working for the present and the future with projects that in many cases are not visible, but that are in the improvement of day to day and with interesting projections.
How to achieve a successful alliance
July 19, 2018
Linking with communities is an increasingly required aspect for the private sector. Companies must not only develop economically, but it is important that they generate value. Partnering with other sectors is one of the keys to achieving good results.
What is coming in the agriculture, according to Gustavo Grobocopatel
July 18, 2018
Gustavo Grobocopatel is in Mendoza and spoke about the impact technology has on agriculture. "It will change the agricultural landscape," he said.
Grupo Los Grobo has new offices in Tandil
July 16, 2018
With the aim of centralizing its operations in the same place to favor the logistics of its customers and suppliers, Grupo Los Grobo moved its commercial and administrative offices to the same site where its collection plant, seed processing plant and agro-inputs warehouse now operate.
Where do agribusiness go in Argentina?
July 12, 2018
The IFAMA Congress became the place to reveal, in front of a hundred foreigners, the radiography of the Argentine producer and show the model and essence of local companies.
”Argentina is a fabulous place to invest in farming”
July 05, 2018
Gustavo Grobocopatel used to be know as "Argentinean King of the Soybean". The business of this farmer born at Carlos Casares, a little town in the heart of the Pampas, had an incredible and fast growing during the '90s and during the first decade of the new century. "Los Grobo", the name that popularized the company, developed a business model based on renting the land, running the crops, supply inputs to farmers, and storage and commercialize the grain (own and from third-parties). In his golden years I have expanded his agribusiness model to Brazil, bought wheat milling in both countries, and invested in the poultry business.
”Progress is linked to openness to the world”
July 03, 2018
Gustavo Grobocopatel, agricultural producer, entrepreneur and president of Los Grobo, was in 50 Minutes, by LN +, and talked about the economic and political issues that concern Argentina. "I think that progress is linked to openness to the world, everything that is closing, complicating the action of companies, does not go because you do not have who generates wealth," he said.
Pea: an alternative to enhance the sequence of crops in the core area
July 02, 2018
Pea: an alternative to enhance the sequence of crops in the core area An INTA expert assures that the yield of soybeans grows by 25% when the legume is the predecessor and in the case of maize, an additional 2,000 kilos are obtained per hectare.
Gustavo Grobocopatel at the III Summit of the Americas: ”Trade is synonymous with peace”
June 21, 2018
Note on the website of LIDE Argentina on the interventions of Gustavo Grobocopatel, President of Grupo Los Grobo at the III Business Summit of the Americas. April 12 and 13 Lima Peru.
”Argentina should have a hundred Tandil”
June 19, 2018
In the talk on Friday June 8 in "Con Aire de Campo", Grobocopatel said that "Tandil is an example for Argentina because it has demonstrated a very diverse business ecosystem formation".
A new agriculture: post-granary agriculture
June 14, 2018
Grobocopatel: "Biotechnology makes it possible to design plants by transforming them into factories that absorb carbon dioxide and use solar energy. They are the basis of the new green industrial revolution that will take place in the rural areas of our continent".
Law of Seeds: the never ending story
June 07, 2018
Professionals from the public and private sectors participated in the debate "Seeds Law, a pending debt", which was held at the University of Belgrano, where they expressed their interest in the immediate sanction of the same.
Grobocopatel urged to solve macro imbalances
June 04, 2018
Agroindustrial entrepreneur Gustavo Grobocopatel affirmed that the private sector is today facing a set of challenges, but warned that "many of the issues to be addressed are impossible with inflation, which requires solving macroeconomic imbalances".
Gustavo Grobocopatel: “Less retentions is more income, that's how it is”
May 31, 2018
The referent of the soy sector was against the possibility of the Government making changes in the tariff scheme.
Grobocopatel criticized an eventual suspension of the withdrawal to the retentions of soy: “It would be a mistake”
May 29, 2018
Within the framework of the presentation of the Engineering Week, which will take place from June 5 to 7, with the organization of the Argentine Center of Engineers (CAI), Gustavo Grobocopatel, president of Grupo Los Grobo and who will chair that event , noted that "it would be a mistake" to stop the decline of soy retentions.
May 28, 2018
For the agricultural entrepreneur it is vital to put inflation in check and reduce the fiscal deficit. He's comfortable with a dollar at $ 25 but says you have to win markets.
The team maker
May 24, 2018
Jorge Arpi made diversification his career. Today, he has to lead one of the most traditional Argentine agricultural companies.
US $ 7,000 million less will be exported
May 22, 2018
According to the calculations of the founder of the Los Grobo company, Gustavo Grobocopatel.
Seed multipliers: a role that is for more
May 11, 2018
It is the link, between the biotechnological companies and the producers, that conditions the grains of autogamous species (wheat, soy, etc.) for higher quality sowings.
Integration of small producers and strengthening of regional economies
May 04, 2018
About the work of the Los Grobo Foundation together with the Group of Foundations and Companies (GDFE)
CONABIP in Colombia strengthens and develops Community Libraries
May 02, 2018
A unique exchange experience to consolidate the Peace Process in Colombia.
April 30, 2018
The president of Los Grobo maintains that he would prefer officials who "do not talk about everything that was done but about what is missing." And he explains why he thinks that investors are still retiring when it comes to betting on the country. He denies that the field is a winner of the Macri era, but "he stopped losing what he lost". He affirms that the President "is a man who has evolved".
Grobocopatel at the Business Summit of the Americas
April 27, 2018
The Argentine businessman, Gustavo Grobocopatel participated in the Business Summit of the Americas that took place days ago in Lima, the capital of Peru. At the end of the meeting, the Casarense read a letter to which Portal El Toro accessed and which we then show our readers.
What are SGRs and how can they help SMEs to obtain financing?
April 25, 2018
Los Grobo SGR among the 3 main Reciprocal Guarantee Companies, according to the Ranking of the PyME department of the Bolsa de Comercio from Argentina
Fears of a commercial war between the United States and China
April 23, 2018
LIMA, Peru - One of the things that caught my attention at the 8th Summit of the Americas that concluded this Saturday was a topic that was not on the agenda, but was very present in the private conversations among heads of state: fear to the impact that a commercial war between the United States and China could cause in the region.
Grobocopatel: ''We need a facilitating State''
April 20, 2018
Producer Gustavo Grobocopatel read a message to the presidents at the end of the Business Summit of the Americas, which took place last week in Lima, Peru. Next, a synthesis of his speech.
Conference on financing lines and SME law
April 20, 2018
Yesterday afternoon was held in the Assembly Hall of the Municipal Palace a day for the dissemination of lines of financing and the SME Law.
With great success, the recycling workshop continues
April 19, 2018
More than 50 students attend, who learn to work with disposable materials to turn them into useful products for home or sale.
Governments business leaders advocate free trade at Peru business forum
April 17, 2018
LIMA, April 13 (Xinhua) -- At a time when protectionism is on the rise, heads of state and government as well as CEOs from across the Americas made a case for knocking down trade barriers at a business forum here Friday.
Leaders of America seek actions against corruption at the summit without Trump or Maduro
April 16, 2018
LIMA, April 13 (Reuters) - Latin American leaders will seek to agree at a summit on Friday concrete actions to fight corruption, which has not only slowed investment and economic growth but also unleashed political crises in recent years.
Forum of the Industrial Revolution: Agroindustry aims for sustainability
April 15, 2018
Use of new technologies and territorial planning will be decisive factors for the sector.
Agroindustry: Why will you face great challenges in the future?
April 14, 2018
During the panel "Agroindustrial Revolution: from the granary to the supermarket of the world", at the III Business Summit of the Americas, industry executives shared their vision and experience.
 Invest on the food industry: ''Technology will be a big disrupter''
April 13, 2018
Specialists agreed that robotics and no-tillage systems will boost food production. They also reiterated their concern about the effect of climate change.
Latin American big business will also be at the Summit of the Americas
April 12, 2018
The Ecuadorian Isabel Noboa, the Argentine Gustavo Grobocopatel and the Peruvian Eduardo Hochschild will be some of the protagonists in the Business Summit of the Americas that takes place this week in Lima. The event, which will bring together 12 presidents and 700 business leaders, is considered the most important business event in the hemisphere.
Soy boom
April 10, 2018
Martín Roggero, Argentine "soy king" Gustavo Grobocopatel and the business with the bean. A bumpy path leads into a sea of ​​green, in the heart of the "heart of Argentina" in the province of Córdoba. The road leads past small farmhouses with agricultural machinery and tractors, grazing cows look up suspiciously from the side; dry air blows in your face. As far as the eye can see, two-meter long stalks rise up. On it hang leaves, petioles and pods that enclose three legumes. Freyre in the department of San Justo is an inconspicuous place with just 6,000 inhabitants.
12 Heads of State and more than 1,000 business leaders participate in the Business Summit of the Americas
April 09, 2018
The Business Summit of the Americas gathers every three years the Heads of State and the main CEOs of the continent with the objective of analyzing the opportunities to promote economic growth and investments and facilitate trade through unprecedented public-private interaction under the mechanism of the Business Dialogue of the Americas (ABD for its acronym in English).
April 04, 2018
The president of the Engineering Week 2018, Gustavo Grobocopatel calls for engineers to have a broad view on the impact produced by agro-industry on the environment and productivity of ecosystems.
Modern fields
April 04, 2018
Pablo Bramajo, Systems Manager of Los Grobo, the main Argentine agroindustrial group and one of the largest in Latin America, speaks.
Los Grobo returns to lead the Ranking of Business Image
April 03, 2018
It occupies the first place among the companies of the agroindustrial sector.
March 28, 2018
Exports could reach a reduction of U.S. $ 5 billion due to the impact of the drought on agricultural production, estimated the president of Los Grobo, Gustavo Grobocopatel.
What are the plans of Victoria Capital, the owner fund of Los Grobo
March 23, 2018
Carlos García, number one in the fund that acquired Los Grobo in 2017, is preparing the launch of his third vehicle to invest in the region. It is defined as generalist but does not look at regulated sectors.
The most responsible companies with the best corporate governance
March 22, 2018
The ranking is based on the opinion of business executives. And professionals and consumers are consulted.
Los Grobo chosen as the most responsible company with the best corporate governance in its sector
March 21, 2018
Los Grobo ranked 56th, climbing 6 places compared to the last Corporate Responsibility and Governance Ranking held in 2016.
Grupo Los Grobo was chosen as the most responsible company with the best corporate governance in its sector
March 19, 2018
Clarín newspaper and Merco (Corporate Reputation Business Monitor) have announced the 100 best companies in Merco Responsibility and Corporate Governance in Argentina. Grupo Los Grobo, leads its sector (Agropecuario), standing above Cargill and Bunge.
Gustavo Grobocopatel:
March 16, 2018
The agricultural entrepreneur and CEO of Los Grobo, Gustavo Grobocopatel, visited the floor of Returning Home and contributed his vision on the direction of the country and the performance of the government of Mauricio Macri. In addition, he reflected on the gradualist path proposed by Cambiemos and stressed the importance of having a "motivating story" to face the harshness of reality. "The story is built with confidence that is gaining from the achievements," he said.
Which are the largest pulses exporters from Argentina
March 06, 2018
During 2017 Argentina’s Agroindustry Ministry approved the export of 86.542 tons of peas and 166.535 tones of chickpeas. The country runs a registration system where the companies apply for a license to export its grains.
Popular libraries of Argentina work for peace in Colombia
February 16, 2018
The role of reading in the social promotion of communities.
Los Grobo: “The business of multiplying seed is to bet on doubled the supervised market”
January 31, 2018
One of the less known areas of the Los Grobo Group is its seed activity as multipliers of soybeans and wheat. They initially started as multipliers of the Biointa wheats in 2000, but it was only five years ago that they began to work hard in the area.
2017, the year in which we reaffirm our leadership
January 18, 2018
Grupo Los Grobo occupies the first place in the main rankings of Image, Reputation and Entrepreneurial Prestige for the Agro sector according to the statistics of SEL Consultores (Opening), MERCO (Clarín), CEOP Latam (Ámbito Financiero) and Prensa Económica.
Ranking of Corporate Prestige
January 15, 2018
The January edition of Economic Press again contains the Prestige Ranking, with more than two decades of tradition and a unique and innovative measurement mechanism that allows to measure reputation, people, brands, and every aspect of the company, resulting in a 360º vision of the companies.
AGROFINA presents: Dasen Plus y Formax III
January 11, 2018
DASEN PLUS, The best solution for Yuyo Colorado and FORMAX III, greener and healthier crops.
A learning society
January 03, 2018
By Gustavo Grobocopatel, for the book "100 policies for Argentina of 2030" published in December 2017. President of Grupo Los Grobo; Member of the Board of Directors, AEA. Agronomist (UBA).
The Argentine kings of soy bet on technology to understand nature
January 02, 2018
Daniel Gómez (ALN) .- In the countryside, any rain or drought can ruin a year's harvest. That is why the agricultural group Los Grobo invests in technology. "We would never run a race against nature. We try rather to understand it in order to mitigate the negative effects of its cycles on our business, "the CEO of the firm, Jorge Arpi, told ALnavío.
The CEO of Grupo Los Grobo says that one of the challenges for Argentina is to achieve more competitiveness
December 27, 2017
Daniel Gómez (ALN) .- Jorge Arpi, general director of the Argentine group Los Grobo, one of the most important agricultural companies in Latin America, is optimistic about the future of the country.
December 26, 2017
"We produce proteins for ourselves and for the world," he said, "meaning that it is not just any product" because "the population requires proteins to grow and soybeans are a source of protein".
The economy in Macri's era, according to Gustavo Grobocopatel
December 22, 2017
The President of Grupo Los Grobo visited the "Terapia de Noticias" (Canal LN+ de Argentina) program and gave his look to analyze the political-economic present of Argentina.
Los Grobo, entre las 51 empresas más prestigiosas según CEOP Latam
December 19, 2017
Ámbito Financiero publica ininterrumpidamente desde 1994 el “Ranking de Prestigio” de empresas y marcas que elabora CEOP Latam en nuestro país.
“Todo lo que podamos reemplazar de la industria con plantas va a traer beneficios
December 18, 2017
Para Gustavo Grobocopatel, ingeniero y docente universitario devenido en empresario, América Latina tiene todas las condiciones para convertirse en el terreno de la revolución industrial del siglo XXI: una revolución 'verde' protagonizada por las plantas y la biotecnología.
El camino hacia un sistema de alimentos sustentables
December 18, 2017
La integración al mundo, reglas claras, trabajo público-privado, tecnología para producir más con menos y la exigencia del consumidor, son las principales piezas que forman el rompecabezas del comercio agrícola.
Argentina facing the XXI century challenges
December 14, 2017
Gustavo Grobocopatel's (President of Grupo Los Grobo) speech, during the 11º Conference of the World Organization of Trade. Tuesday, December 12º, 2017. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
El futuro de la alimentación
December 13, 2017
El presidente del grupo Los Grobo y el CEO de Arcor analizaron hoy el potencial para producir alimentos en el país, durante el foro de negocios que se está realizando en el CCK.
Alianzas entre sectores: razones del posible fracaso
December 10, 2017
Por Silvio Dalbuoni, Director Ejecutivo de Fundación Los Grobo. Para que sean sostenibles hay que poner el foco en el proceso de articulación.
Latinoamérica puede protagonizar la
December 02, 2017
América Latina tiene la oportunidad de convertirse durante este siglo en la protagonista de la "revolución industrial verde", porque cuenta con los recursos necesarios y China sería su socio, dijo a Sputnik el ingeniero agrónomo y empresario argentino Gustavo Grobocopatel.
Empresarios argentinos se anticipan al Brexit y buscan atraer inversiones en el Reino Unido
November 23, 2017
En un evento de networking de la Cámara de Comercio Británico Argentina, empresarios se mostraron optimistas ante el clima de negocios local, aunque aún quedan desafíos por delante.
Los Grobo es la empresa del agro con mejor reputación
November 22, 2017
Tras conocerse los resultados del Ranking MERCO 2017 Grupo Los Grobo mantiene el podio, por sexto año consecutivo, como la empresa con mejor imagen y mayor prestigio de su sector. Por su parte, Gustavo Grobocopatel está en el séptimo lugar entre los líderes empresariales más reconocidos del país.
El salvavidas tecnológico del campo argentino
November 06, 2017
En un país donde Internet y las redes móviles no funcionan bien, la recuperación económica vuelve otra vez de un sector puntero en el mundo.
Gustavo Grobocopatel:
November 06, 2017
El empresario y CEO de Los Grobo aseguró a Infobae que Cambiemos "es un gobierno de transición". Una charla a fondo con el foco sobre la reforma laboral, tribuaria y la Justicia argentina.
El optimista de la soja
November 02, 2017
Gustavo Grobocopatel es el mayor empresario del agro argentino y es un entusiasta de los cambios políticos y económicos que emprendió el país hace dos años. Con un ojo puesto en las benditas tasas chinas y otro en los malditos costos de producción, aboga por la transnacionalización de las empresas y la reforma laboral.
Grobocopatel cree que la “falta de competitividad” genera pobreza
October 31, 2017
El presidente del Grupo Los Grobo advirtió que el argentino “es un Estado grande y de poca calidad”. Planteó además que “los impuestos son muy altos en relación a la devolución que se hace”.
La visión de dos de los empresarios más influyentes del país
October 25, 2017
Los CEOs de Globant, Martín Migoya, y de Los Grobo, Gustavo Grobocopatel, hablaron sobre la reforma laboral; también opinaron acerca de la Justicia y del triunfo de Cambiemos.
Gustavo Grobocopatel: “En Europa se pueden hacer pocas cosas nuevas, en Argentina todo”
October 23, 2017
Gustavo Grobocopatel (Carlos Casares, 1961) logró algo inédito: que le llamen el rey de la soja sin ser un terrateniente. Grobocopatel convirtió una empresa familiar en una de las grandes compañias de agronegocios de Argentina, con enorme presencia en Brasil y Uruguay. El empresario cree que Argentina tiene muchos desafíos por delante pero se muestra optimista y apoya con entusiasmo al Gobierno de Mauricio Macri.
El Consejo de la Producción, con eje en desarrollo de proveedores
October 20, 2017
El espacio de diálogo entre el Gobierno, los expertos y los empresarios tuvo, ayer, su quinta reunión del 2017.
Gustavo Grobocopatel:
September 19, 2017
Gustavo Grobopatel, titular del Grupo Los Grobo, afirmó que "desde el exterior se ve con entusiasmo la actualidad del país, sucede que hay problemas que hacen que no se invierta".
Los Grobo apuesta a la protección de cultivos
September 18, 2017
El Grupo Los Grobo consiguió para su fabricante de agroquímicos Agrofina un préstamo de u$s 2 millones por parte del Banco Hipotecario, para financiar inversiones en pos de consolidar su negocio en protección de cultivos.
Grobocopatel: “Por delante tenemos cosas duras y necesitamos una visión épica para enfrentarlo”
September 14, 2017
En el cierre de las Jornadas Jonagro que organizó Confederaciones Rurales Argentinas (CRA) en la Bolsa de Cereales de Buenos Aires, Grobocopatel dijo que "lo que viene en materia económica es muy duro".
Gustavo Grobocopatel:
September 11, 2017
El "Rey de la Soja" habló con Infobae sobre la actualidad del país, el caso Maldonado y el desafío de la automatización laboral.
Innovación, integración e inclusión
September 01, 2017
Grobocopatel dijo que son las 3 patas para mejorar la productividad.
Grobocopatel: “Es muy difícil que una empresa tenga éxito si los que trabajan no son los mejores”
August 29, 2017
"Yo pienso que los derechos de los trabajadores están garantizados cuando tienen libertad de elegir dónde trabajar", expresó el presidente de Los Grobo.
Grobocopatel pidió bajar impuestos y Ley de Semillas
August 29, 2017
El presidente del "Grupo Los Grobo" Gustavo Grobocopatel reclamó al Gobierno bajar la presión impositiva, al tiempo que cuestionó los altos costos logísticos que hay en el país y abogó por una nueva Ley de Semillas.
“Mano a mano” exclusivo con el “hombre fuerte de la soja”
August 24, 2017
Visitó ayer Santiago, en el marco del proyecto “El Futuro es el Monte”. Habló del país y del Gobierno.
Grobocopatel vino a explorar qué oportunidades de negocios hay en el monte santiagueño
August 22, 2017
El empresario impulsa una iniciativa colectiva para produccón de lácteos, quesos y el desarrollo del algarrobo. Las flores del monte, otra posibilidad.
Los Grobo cambió de CEO y se concentra en servicios y la producción de legumbres
August 21, 2017
Es tras el ingreso del fondo Victoria Capital que posee el 75%. A Horacio Busanello lo reemplaza Jorge Arpi.
Gustavo Grobocopatel: “Hay que ir por un intenso gradualismo”
August 10, 2017
El empresario se refirió a las elecciones, la productividad del campo y a los cambios de fondo necesarios para tener un país competitivo. Además, apeló a un “gradualismo intenso” para enfrentar la transformación.
UPJ: La #redgrobo en el Sudeste Bonaerense
August 02, 2017
UPJ es una empresa de Grupo Los Grobo que nuclea una amplia red de servicios a lo largo y ancho del Sudeste Bonaerense.
El desafío de promover el desarrollo local
July 23, 2017
Promover el desarrollo de las comunidades de las regiones más postergadas y vulnerables del país es uno de los desafíos enormes que tiene la sociedad en su conjunto. La falta de oportunidades, la pobreza y el analfabetismo son algunos de los serios obstáculos que se deben sortear para poder generar resultados superadores.
El desafío de potenciar una comunidad
July 20, 2017
Cuando las empresas apuesta por el desarrollo comunitario el diálogo entre los distintos grupos de interés descubre cuál es el camino para lograrlo. El objetivo, dejar capacidades instaladas.
Charlas TED que revolucionan la mirada sobre el Agro
July 18, 2017
El campo también está en el mundo de las ideas y los emprendedores más importantes a nivel internacional hablan acerca de ello y comparten sus reflexiones.
Grupo Los Grobo, the leader in the production of wheat and soybean in Argentina
July 18, 2017
A descendant of Ukrainian emigrants, Argentine businessman Gustavo Grobocopatel created a successful model of agribusiness. The case of Grupo Los Grobo SA founded by him is studied in the best business schools in the world.
La opinión de Grobocopatel sobre las tecnologías argentinas para la lucha global contra el hambre
July 13, 2017
“La Argentina tiene mucho potencial, tiene científicos de primera línea, tiene sectores de la cadena que son innovadores y emprendedores, solo falta un marco burocrático que le dé estabilidad y un contexto que favorezca la inversión a largo plazo”.
Molino Canepa consiguió la Recertificación de sus normas FSSC 22000
July 13, 2017
El esquema de certificación FSSC 22000 (Food Safety System Certification) es el estándar más completo del sistema de gestión de seguridad alimentaria y cubre los requisitos clave de muchos estándares y programas de seguridad alimentaria existentes.
“Si no cuidamos la tierra, perdemos el activo que nos da de vivir”
July 12, 2017
Gustavo Grobocopatel, Presidente de Grupo Los Grobo, entrevistado en el programa "Cada Noche" en la TV Pública Argentina. Miércoles 12 de julio de 2017 (video gentileza Canal YouTube de TV Pública)
Aplicar nano y microtecnologías a la protección vegetal
July 11, 2017
En un contexto internacional donde cada vez son más las restricciones a los productos agroquímicos, expertos de INTI-Química realizaron una capacitación dirigida a la empresa Agrofina SA, con el propósito de impulsar el uso de la nanotecnología al desarrollo de productos más eficaces y amigables con el medio ambiente.
July 10, 2017
El empresario advirtió que "sin gradualismo hubiese sido peor" al señalar que "venimos con una situación muy grave" de la cual "poca gente tiene conciencia porque vivimos en una especie de espejismo".
Grobocopatel le pidió a los empresarios “hacer un esfuerzo” y “ser optimistas”
July 09, 2017
"Los que todos los días invertimos tenemos la responsabilidad de pensar que el futuro va a ser mejor de lo que es hoy", expresó el "rey de la soja".
“En Argentina somos 40 millones de habitantes y producimos para 400”
June 22, 2017
“Hay que concretar el acuerdo de libre comercio UE-Mercosur, si no todo es utopía”. Gustavo Grobocopatel es conocido en el mundo agrícola como el Rey de la Soja. El mote se lo ganó gracias a los beneficios que le aportó ese grano.
El presidente de Los Grobo, Gustavo Grobocopatel, participa en una Tribuna América Inversión con los socios de CEAPI
June 07, 2017
El presidente del grupo argentino Los Grobo, Gustavo Grobocopatel, ha asistido hoy a una Tribuna América de Inversión en Casa de América con los socios del Consejo Empresarial Alianza por Iberoamérica, CEAPI.
Management 2020: negocios que tienen, en su esencia, el objetivo de cuidar el planeta
June 06, 2017
Cuatro empresarios y un economista debatieron en LA NACION sobre las posibilidades que tiene el país de desarrollar un sistema productivo con las premisas de la economía circular.
From Argentina, the soy king leads the third industrial revolution
May 22, 2017
Daniel Gómez León (ALN) .- Gustavo Grobocopatel is convinced that Argentina can become England in the eighteenth century. It has an empire of green gold and bets on plants as a source of industrial use. It is the Green Revolution that both proclaims.
May 18, 2017
El presidente de uno de los conglomerados de servicios agropecuarios más importantes de América Latina expuso su visión sobre varios temas de debate. Rescató su visita a Las Palmas, donde observó el proceso productivo de integración pacú-arroz.
Entrevista a Gustavo Grobocopatel en
May 16, 2017
El Rey de la Soja analizó con Letra P la marcha de la economía, la realidad del campo y el proceso político. Respaldó al Gobierno, pero le exigió corregir variables para que lleguen inversiones.
May 10, 2017
El referente del empresariado del campo argentino precisó: "Lo que cambió es el estado de ánimo, los productores miran hacia adelante con optimismo". Además señaló la necesidad de avanzar en una mayor integración de la Argentina al mundo.
Fundación Los Grobo en Colombia
May 08, 2017
Bibliotecas comunitarias para la prevención del reclutamiento infantil. Actualmente, expertos de Fundación Los Grobo participan en Colombia de actividades previstas en el marco del proyecto FOAR, “Prevención del reclutamiento de niños, niñas, jóvenes y adolescentes en los Municipios de Popayán, Algeciras y Puerto Asís".
Gustavo Grobocopatel: “Sin libre comercio, agregar valor a la producción es una utopía”
May 08, 2017
Gustavo Grobocopatel nos recibe en su departamento de Puerto Madero, y mientras se ocupa de preparar el café a la italiana en una caffettiera, repasa la historia de sus antepasados, cuando su bisabuelo y su abuelo, entonces de 9 años, pisaron suelo argentino en torno a 1910.
Grobocopatel: “Por el tipo de cambio sufren muchos sectores de la economía”
April 18, 2017
El empresario Gustavo Grobocopatel aseguró que el tipo de cambio está atrasado debido a una apreciación del peso promovida por el Gobierno, situación que, para su visión, dificulta el despegue de la economía.
Los Grobo es la empresa con mejor Imagen en su Sector y está entre las 50 mejores de Argentina
April 13, 2017
Se conocieron los resultados del Ranking de Apertura: Por 10° año consecutivo Los Grobo integra el ranking de las empresas con mejor imagen de Argentina que cada año, para esta misma época, publica la Revista Apertura.
Grobocopatel: “Las empresas del futuro estarán mucho más apalancadas en tecnología”
March 28, 2017
El presidente del grupo Los Grobo aseguró que "habrá una transformación como la revolución industrial", ya que "la tecnología creará nuevos empleos".
March 27, 2017
El empresario vaticina que en los próximos años se vendrán cambios similares a los vividos durante la Revolución Industrial y descartó que los avances científicos en producción vayan a destruir puestos de trabajo como advierten varios sectores.
El campo se pone en marcha y busca trabajadores de perfiles muy variados
February 13, 2017
Expertos en comercialización de granos, ingenieros, especialistas en energía renovable, entre otros puestos muy demandados en el sector.
Prevén que el trigo inyecte en 2017 US$ 1000 millones en la economía
February 09, 2017
Según una estimación del Ministerio de Agroindustria bonaerense ese monto ingresaría en el circuito productivo provincial; la cosecha nacional creció 39%.
Trigo: un caso récord de rinde y calidad
February 08, 2017
El Ingeniero Guillermo Alonso se desempeña como Asesor técnico para la venta y postventa de semillas en Grupo Los Grobo. Días pasados, mientras recorría algunos lotes se encontró con un nuevo récord.
Mensaje Fin de Año del Presidente de Grupo Los Grobo a toda la #redgrobo
December 23, 2016
Estimados Todos: Quisiera desearles Paz y Salud. La Paz que habita dentro de cada uno, la Paz de saber que dimos todo y estar con otros en Paz.
Los Grobo es una de las 46 Empresas más Prestigiosas según CEOP LATAM
December 16, 2016
Todos los años, en forma ininterrumpida desde 1994, Ámbito Financiero publica el ranking de prestigio de empresas y marcas que elabora CEOP Latam en nuestro país.
Tres realidades: la agricultura, la industria y la banca
December 15, 2016
Cuatro presidentes de compañías de sectores clave dieron sus percepciones de la economía. Estuvieron representados el campo, con Gustavo Grobocopatel, de Los Grobo; la banca, con Juan Curutchet, del Banco Provincia; el consumo masivo, con Miguel Kozuszok, de Unilever, y el automotriz, con Pablo Di Si, de Volkswagen.
Hace falta una ley de semillas para el futuro, por Gustavo Grobocopatel
December 12, 2016
El debate sobre la ley de semillas iniciado en el Congreso, que busca generar un nuevo marco legal en un eslabón clave para la cadena de valor del agro, es una experiencia democrática muy saludable y vibrante. Sin embargo, es necesario promover una discusión no sólo para lograr una ley justa y viable, con apertura y amplitud para aprender, sino para construir el futuro, adelantándose a sus avances.
Grupo Los Grobo amplía su Capital con la incorporación de un Grupo Inversor liderado por Victoria Capital Partners
November 18, 2016
Se completaron las negociaciones para la incorporación como nuevo accionista de un grupo inversor internacional liderado por Victoria Capital Partners.
Victoria Capital Partners, UTIMCO, FMO and IFC Invest in Grupo Los Grobo
November 17, 2016
Victora Capital Partners has led an investment of US$100m in Argentinian agribusiness company Grupo Los Grobo alongside UTIMCO, FMO, and the IFC.
Los 100 líderes empresarios de mayor prestigio
October 27, 2016
La votación se hizo entre los directivos de empresas que facturan más de US$30 millones en Argentina. Lo que se tiene en cuenta es la visión estratégica y el cumplimiento de objetivos, la proyección internacional, la innovación,los recursos de buen comunicador y el compromiso con la ética.
Los Grobo: La Empresa Argentina con Mejor Reputación en su Sector
October 24, 2016
Se dieron a conocer los resultados del ranking anual MERCO (Monitor Empresarial de Reputación Corporativa) que evalúa las 100 empresas con mejor reputación en el país, y Los Grobo lidera una vez más el ranking sectorial.
Brasil y la Argentina, historia de dos hermanos
October 19, 2016
Con Brasil no somos sólo somos socios: somos hermanos. Nuestro destino como pueblos y naciones están ligados en el mundo globalizado. Es imposible imaginar un futuro sin pensarse juntos. Analizar rigurosamente lo que sucede en Brasil hoy nos permite aprender para poder proyectar un futuro de progreso y bienestar, aunque no exento de desafíos y riesgos.
Molino Canepa fue reconocido por la Asociación de Profesionales de Salud y Alimentos por sus pastas fortificadas
October 19, 2016
Molino Canepa, una empresa de Grupo Los Grobo, fue premiada por la Asociación de Profesionales de Salud y Alimentos -APSAL-, en una ceremonia en la que también fueron reconocidos los Dres. Alberto Cormillot y Daniel López Rosetti, el periodista Guillermo Lobo y la emprendedora social Margarita Barrientos quien recibió el APSAL 2016 de Oro.
¿Cómo innovamos para mejorar los procesos de producción?
October 06, 2016
El primer panel del V Foro de Agronegocios contó con la presencia de tres destacadas personalidades que abordaron a la “innovación” desde todos sus ejes y en pos de mejorar los procesos de producción.
Los empresarios y los desafíos de los tiempos nuevos, por Gustavo Grobocopatel
October 03, 2016
La Encíclica “Laudato Si” nos conmueve e invita a reflexionar sobre el rol de los empresarios frente a los desafíos de un mundo nuevo, en el marco de turbulencias sociales y políticas, y la convergencia de nuevas tecnologias. Las instituciones y su funcionamiento, su propósito, deben revisarse y adaptarse a esos desafíos.
Grobocopatel: “Vamos a invertir cada vez más en Córdoba”
October 03, 2016
El titular de Los Grobo aseguró que “lo peor del país” ya pasó y que aumentará su actividad en la provincia. “Nos hemos hecho cada vez más cordobeses”, bromea con InfoNegocios. Asegura que la economía repuntará a partir del último trimestre impulsada por el sector agropecuario.
Gustavo Grobocopatel en Radio El Mundo:
September 15, 2016
El presidente del Grupo Los Grobo tuvo duras críticas al gobierno anterior por el "exceso de consumo". Consideró que la Argentina iba a terminar en la crisis del 2001.
September 14, 2016
En el foro de Inversiones, el CEO de los Grobo habló con Clarín sobre la posibilidad de duplicar la producción agroalimentaria del país en 10 años.
Grobocopatel: “Argentina debería producir y exportar el doble, porque el mundo necesita lo que tenemos”
September 13, 2016
El titular del grupo empresarial Los Grobo, dedicado a la producción agroindustrial y alimentaria, Gustavo Grobocopatel dialogó con el Móvil de Radio La Plata (FM 90.9) en el marco del Primer Foro Internacional sobre Inversiones y Negocios en Argentina.
Gustavo Grobocopatel:
September 13, 2016
El presidente de Grupo Los Grobo dice que ve en su actividad cotidiana que las inversiones van a llegar a la Argentina, y que el país tiene mucho para darle al mundo.
Grobocopatel: “Hay que dedicar tiempo a explorar cosas nuevas”
August 22, 2016
El trabajador del futuro, los cambios a enfrentar en las empresas, la nueva convergencia tecnológica, los componentes sociales de la productividad, cómo hacer más con menos, cómo crear una sociedad que lea los cambios, son -entre otras temáticas- las cuestiones que inquietan al ingeniero y empresario-productor, Gustavo Grobocopatel.
August 18, 2016
Para Gustavo Grobocopatel pasa por presión impositiva, la burocracia; no por el tipo de cambio. el precio de la hectárea debería mantenerse o subir.
Environment provided training to prevent fires in stockpiles
August 17, 2016
It was intended for personnel of Fire, Civil Defense and Ecological Police, given in the Hall of Acts by Ing. Agr. Claudio Estévez, plant coordinator of Los Grobo Agropecuaria S.A.
Los Grobo invertirá u$s 100 millones en el desarrollo de nuevos negocios
August 11, 2016
Lo anunció el presidente de la compañía, Gustavo Grobocopatel. Estará destinado a investigación y desarrollo y en nuevas tecnologías.
Los Grobo anunció inversión de US$ 100 millones en Argentina
August 11, 2016
Desde el grupo se indicó que se aprovechará el clima favorable para negocios generado por el nuevo gobierno.
“No tiene sentido que el NOA exporte granos y terneros e importe carne”
July 28, 2016
“El Gobierno no tomó medidas en favor del campo. Lo que hizo fue despojar de medidas que no le permitían al campo aumentar su producción", dijo el empresario Gustavo Grobocopatel.
Agregar valor: frente al desafío de responder al reto de alimentar al mundo
July 18, 2016
En la jornada "Negocios del campo", organizada por LA NACION, referentes de la actividad analizaron las perspectivas para los próximos años.
July 04, 2016
El llamado Rey de la soja repasa las idas y vueltas de un siglo signado por "una búsqueda adolescente". Cree en la necesidad de fortalecer las instituciones y apuntar a la competitividad, en una sociedad aspiracional que convive con el riesgo de la anarquía.
En 10 años la Altillanura tendría 3 millones de hectáreas de nuevos cultivos
June 24, 2016
Entidades del Estado en conjunto con la empresa privada avanzan en las gestiones necesarias para que los compromisos asumidos por la nación en un documento CONPES (Consejo Nacional de Política Económica y Social), se cumplan para el desarrollo de la altillanura. En ese sentido, se busca que los planes y programas especiales para la altillanura lleguen a tiempo.
June 24, 2016
“El agro es una industria pionera, que se reconvierte, le aporta muchísimo al país, y está siendo mirada desde el exterior. Me consta que África nos está mirando muchísimo”.
El reto principal de Colombia es lograr que emprendedores vivan en el campo, por Gustavo Grobocopatel
June 22, 2016
Con una amplia zona como la Altillanura que comprende cerca de 5 millones de hectáreas aptas para la producción agropecuaria, se plantean diferentes desafíos que buscan impulsar mecanismos para que esas tierras sean fructíferas. Uno de los retos es que habitantes de otras ciudades vivan en el territorio para que, entre otras, garanticen el ciclo de cosechas de diferentes cultivos.
Grobocopatel: el país debe preocuparse por ganar una mayor competitividad
June 21, 2016
El empresario dice que la Argentina debe producir más con más tecnología y depender menos del tipo de cambio y de los precios internacionales de sus productos.
El cierre de contratos a largo plazo es aún una tarea pendiente
June 02, 2016
Pese al cambio de expectativas, en el mercado no se avanza a más de una campaña. Para Emanuel Bodega, gerente de producción de Grupo Los Grobo, aún no se habla de contratos a largo plazo.
Cosechando ideas para el progreso, por Gustavo Grobocopatel
May 23, 2016
Los empresarios de este tiempo, junto con el Estado y la sociedad en su conjunto, tenemos un desafio mayor: generar un proceso donde la innovación y la integración incluyan a las mayorías.
Tras una misión público-privada a EEUU, destacan el interés en invertir en el país
May 19, 2016
El embajador Noah Mamet y el ministro de Ciencia y Tecnología Lino Barañao hablaron con la prensa junto a empresarios y funcionarios luego de participar de una visita a Californa con el foco puesto en la innovación.
El agricultor que construye drones y satélites
May 16, 2016
La incursión de Gustavo Grobocopatel, presidente de Grupo Los Grobo, en la construcción de componentes tecnológicos se debió a la caída de los precios internacionales de la soya, así como a los altos impuestos cobrados a las exportaciones de granos por el extinto gobierno de Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.
Siete expertos debaten cómo será el mundo en los próximos veinte años
May 16, 2016
Un agrónomo, un tecnólogo, un científico de datos, una bióloga, un filósofo economista y una escritora piensan qué y cómo aprenderemos en el futuro.
La pampa de los “Grobo” se exhibe en París
May 05, 2016
El apellido se asocia a la soja, a la posmodernidad agrícola y a Carlos Casares, ciudad donde la familia se quedó cuando construyó su fortuna y su fama. Pero los “Grobo” también son artistas en su tiempo libre y aterrizaron en París. Gabriela Grobocopatel expuso sus óleos de horizontes pampeanos en el espléndido edificio de la Alcaldía de París y su hermano Gustavo, con su trío Cruz del Sur, acompañó el vernissage con sus triunfos, gatos y canciones bonaerenses, que conforman un repertorio olvidado y valioso.
Los Grobo suma otro negocio: las arvejas
May 04, 2016
A Gustavo Grobocopatel, a quien alguna vez llamaron "el rey de la soja", le podrían llegar a cambiar ese mote. De "rey de la soja a rey de la arveja amarilla" es una posibilidad. Desde hace unas campañas, su empresa, Los Grobo Agropecuaria, decidió incursionar fuerte en el negocio de los cultivos especiales, una división que con 5000 hectáreas ya representa el 10% de su superficie.
Una sociedad sin ataduras, por Gustavo Grobocopatel
May 02, 2016
En tiempos turbulentos, con realidades cambiantes, tener personas con diferentes ideas, historias y miradas resulta fundamental. En las empresas se suele hablar de la “gestión de los talentos”: cada persona tiene uno, o varios, y la gestión consiste entonces en lograr que cada persona exprese lo mejor de sí misma.
Los Grobo busca un socio extranjero para expandir operaciones
April 30, 2016
Las fusiones y adquisiciones, o Mergers and Acquisitions, comenzarán a pisar fuerte en la Argentina luego tras el fin de los conflictos con los holdouts y la mayor apertura comercial. Gustavo Grobocopatel anticipa cuáles son sus planes para sacar rédito de la economía que viene.
April 29, 2016
El "zar de la soja" estuvo en Roca para participar de una jornada con emprendedores locales, bajo la organización de Endeavor Patagonia. "Estamos en un momento bisagra", dijo.
Delivery internacional de comidas, al DDI0054...
April 27, 2016
Innovaciones y una activa incorporación de tecnologías no dejarán lote ni plantas elaboradoras sin abarcar una vez que se reacomoden los precios relativos. Comida abundante y de calidad es lo que le demandan el hoy y el mañana a una vasta geografía en condiciones de proveerla.
Gustavo Grobocopatel: “La actividad del agro va a crecer 20% este año
April 27, 2016
¿Fin de la luna miel? El analista Orlando Ferreres, entre otros, está preocupado por el impacto del ajuste. "Alguien se tiene que ocupar de la ocupación y el salario", advierte.
Los cambios y el futuro del agro, en la mirada de tres líderes clave
April 25, 2016
Gustavo Grobocopatel, de Los Grobo; Alejandro Elsztain, de Cresud, y Gerardo Bartolomé, de Don Mario, analizaron a fondo el cambio de reglas de juego para el sector, el peso que tendrá en la economía que viene y hasta el rol de los empresarios.
Los Grobo vuelve a liderar el Ranking de Imagen Empresaria
April 15, 2016
Los Grobo Agropecuaria, la compañía insignia de Grupo Los Grobo, se ha posicionado nuevamente en el primer lugar del ranking de imagen empresaria entre todas las organizaciones del sector agroindustrial. Los Grobo mantiene el primer lugar entre las empresas del sector por décimo año consecutivo.
Los Grobo certifica 55.000 Tn de Soja bajo el estándar RTRS
April 08, 2016
Por último, se aboga por conseguir que los "flujos financieros" caminen hacia una economía baja en emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero.
Colombia siembra en la Altillanura, por Gustavo Grobocopatel
April 04, 2016
Esta región puede liderar el desarrollo productivo del país, ser ejemplo del avance sustentable de los procesos y de cómo el sector privado puede integrarse más a las dinámicas de transformación social.
La tecnología reemplaza puestos de trabajo, pero también los crea
March 28, 2016
Sigue la discusión sobre el impacto de la informática en los puestos de trabajo que pueden ser reemplazados por máquinas, y en los nuevos espacios que genera.
Ideas argentinas para Colombia
February 16, 2016
Gustavo Grobocopatel, presidente del grupo Los Grobo, está asesorando al gobierno colombiano en el desarrollo del sector agropecuario.
Los Grobo transfiere conocimientos a Colombia
February 11, 2016
El Grupo Los Grobo, a través de su Área de Consultoría dedicada al desarrollo sustentable, trabajó asesorando al Gobierno de Colombia durante el ultimo año.
Grupo Los Grobo se adhiere al Acuerdo de Paris
February 05, 2016
La actividad originaria de Los Grobo Agropecuaria es la agricultura, por ende la empresa se encuentra en estrecha relacion con el medioambiente.
Los Grobo en Colombia: El futuro de la agricultura
February 03, 2016
El Ministerio de Agricultura recibió en estos días el informe de un estudio sobre el potencial productivo de la Altillanura colombiana, elaborado bajo la dirección de Gustavo Grobocopatel, destacado empresario agrícola argentino y líder internacional en la adopción de alta tecnología para la siembra y administración de cultivos. El título del estudio es ‘Colombia Siembra en la Altillanura’, y contiene un análisis de la competitividad de esa región para cultivar soya, maíz y arroz.
Avances en el monitoreo online
January 25, 2016
Soy gerente de producción de Los Grobo. Quien ha estado alguna vez en el campo seguramente tenga la imagen del ingeniero agrónomo o el mismo productor caminando los cultivos, buscando plagas, enfermedades u anomalías que puedan llegar a afectar la futura producción.
El Instituto Internacional San Telmo escribirá el caso de Gustavo Grobocopatel, uno de los empresarios más importantes de Argentina
January 14, 2016
La empresa que lidera, Grupo Los Grobo, es el segundo mayor productor de granos de América Latina.
Los Grobo will increase its investments in Argentina
November 24, 2015
The Los Grobo agricultural group said it will increase its investments in Argentina with a view to doubling its production by up to 50%, following the election of center-right Mauricio Macri.
Los Grobo is the company with the Best Media Reputation in its Sector
July 20, 2015
There are consumers, there is public opinion and there are also opinion leaders who set the agenda. But the media is still the preferred window of the brands to fix their position and from there build their image.
Grobocopatel: from soy to biotechnology
June 01, 2015
Gustavo Grobocopatel is 53 years old and is known as "the king of soya" in Argentina. Thanks to its management, which today is studied in the most important business schools in the world as Harvard, the family farming business founded by his father, Los Grobos, became a multinational.
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