January 18, 2018
2017, the year in which we reaffirm our leadership
Grupo Los Grobo occupies the first place in the main rankings of Image, Reputation and Entrepreneurial Prestige for the Agro sector according to the statistics of SEL Consultores (Opening), MERCO (Clarín), CEOP Latam (Ámbito Financiero) and Prensa Económica.

One of our cultural pillars linked to business reads: "We want to be the leading business in the agricultural sector at the regional level" from which we intend to expand our distribution network, always guided by criteria of prudence, financial care and reputation.

The year 2017, among other things, gave us the satisfaction of seeing our leadership reaffirmed within the agribusiness sector: 4 of the most important rankings of Image, Reputation and Corporate Prestige ranked us in the first place, and in the general rankings we are among the 60 most important companies in our country.

In March, Apertura magazine published its traditional ranking on "The 100 Companies with the Best Image in Argentina", carried out by SEL Consultores. Grupo Los Grobo ranked first in the Agribusiness sector above Monsanto, Syngenta and Dow Agro.

A few months later, in November, Clarín's iEco supplement published the study carried out by MERCO (Business Monitor of Corporate Reputation) where they presented "The 100 Companies with the Best Reputation" in our country. In this case, Los Grobo also appears to be leading its sector, above firms such as Cargill, San Miguel and Nidera.

Lastly, in the month of December, Ámbito Financiero announced the results of the ranking of "The Best Companies and Brands of Argentina", which, as every year, exclusively entrusts the consulting firm CEOP Latam and where Grupo Los Grobo returned to occupy the first place in the agricultural sector.

For its part, the Prensa Económica magazine, presented that same month its already traditional "Total Ranking of Entrepreneurial Prestige", an edition in which Los Grobo regains its first place in the Agribusiness sector, almost 3 points above AGD, Molinos Rio de Silver and Cargill.

The results give us the satisfaction of feeling that we are on the right path but they also encourage us to continue working for everything that we propose to ourselves on a daily basis:


  • Be the preferred supplier of our business partners and clients, generating consistent results with a long-range vision.
  • Guarantee efficiency, responsibility and commitment in all our operations, which will result in a successful long-term exercise.
  • We want our teams to consider us the best place to work and contribute to the communities to which we belong, generating value for all our stakeholders, with the aim of empowering us and continue adding value, Together.


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