March 18, 2022
3 priorities in the preparation of the 2022 HR budget
Talent & Company in its special "ConjuntaMENTE" consults HR specialists to find out what the three priorities are in the preparation of the 2022 HR budget. Sandro Cosentino, Graciela Vandam, Silvina Bodereau and Diego Rodiño respond.

Sandro Cosentino, Head of Talent Management and Institutional Relations of Grupo Los Grobo

- Given the inflationary process that the country is experiencing, the 2022 budget will contemplate three to four salary adjustments in the year, instead of the two that the company traditionally made.

The great challenge of maintaining and attracting talent means that we must provide an additional budget to retain keypeople.

- Given the Cultural/Digital Transformation Process that we are carrying out, we allocate an extra budget for training and over head to carry out this process.

- The budget reflects the challenges faced by Grupo Los Grobo's talent management, beginning with a process of cultural and digital change to adapt to introducing new management systems and tool supports. This with the aim of facilitating not only the incorporation of talents, but also the way to measure their performance and the possibility of preparing training and development plans for each employee.

This highlights the need for Grupo Los Grobo to structure a budget giving relevance to Human Resources as a key area for the digital/cultural transformation of the company, both for effective decision-making and for the agility of tasks.

The premise of the Talent Area focuses on facing the different challenges in a proactive way, considering the importance of agility in capturing opportunities and implementing the essential changes in order to be among the first with respect to the competition; with the aim of retaining and developing a human team with talent, ability and motivation to achieve the company's objectives with responsibility, efficiency and agility.

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