July 29, 2020
A new edition of RTRS audit was carried out for Grupo Los Grobo
In this edition the audit was carried out in a virtual way, where the production team of Los Grobo Agropecuaria SA, delocalized, exposed the completion of the points referred to the standard.

The RTRS Standard is applicable worldwide and its main objective is to ensure the production of environmentally correct, socially adequate and economically viable soy. Said certification standard consists of 5 basic principles comprising 99 indicators, which cover different areas and types:

  • Legal Compliance and Good Business Practices
  • Responsible Labor Conditions
  • Good Agricultural Practices
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Responsible Community Relations

Although the certification is applicable to soybean cultivation, at Los Grobo Agropecuaria it achieves practices for all crops, positioning it as a production model and thus validating the company's commitment to the environment and the community with which it interacts.

Together we add value.

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