June 01, 2022
Acercarse launched the program Garbage Serves" 2022 edition
The AcercaRSE Group, returning to the face-to-face modality in its actions, launched with a training aimed at teachers and management teams, the "Garbage Serves" Program, 2022 edition.

Representatives of the 12 primary schools of Campana, Zárate and Lima that are part of the Program participated, plus educational authorities of the primary level of the region.

The proposed activity was carried out on the morning of Tuesday, May 31, at the facilities of the CEZ Cooperative Cultural Warehouse in the city of Zárate. The topic addressed was focused on Circular Economy and Sustainability, which will be the work axes of the Program during this year.

In what was a highly productive day, both due to the call and the active participation of each one of those present, Ms. Analia López, through specific triggers and using different tools that fostered the exchange of ideas, developed key concepts of the program . Sustainable development and the particular problem of waste, its classification and recycling, were some of the topics addressed. In this sense, she highlighted the importance of changing the way of producing and consuming as the axis of the circular economy for which environmental education is key.

On behalf of the Group, the Coordinator Leandro Simeone detailed the specific axes of the program with the actors involved in each stage of the process, assuming as from its beginning back in 2012 the commitment to give continuity to different actions throughout the year.

This return to face-to-face actions marks the start of several activities planned by the Group for this year.

CercaRSE is currently made up of 18 organizations with diverse operations in Campana, Zárate and Lima, which work together for the sustainable development of the communities in the area. With the support of strategic partners, the group has been carrying out activities since 2009 with the aim of building a space for community intervention aimed at generating value and installed capacity, promoting public-private articulation.

The organizations that are currently part of this initiative are Ameghino Servicios, Agrofina, Axion – Pan American Energy, Bayer, Cooperativa Eléctrica de Zárate, Holcim, Honda Motor de Argentina, Masterbus, Nucleoeléctrica Argentina S.A., Pampa Energía, Tenaris, Petromining, Softys; Toyota, Padilla, Zarcam, Cabot and CICACZ. →

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