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March 03, 2020
AcercaRSE Group: The first 2020 meeting was held to start planning a new year of work
AboutRSE, the social responsibility group formed by companies from Campana and Zárate, began planning a new year of actions aimed at promoting sustainable culture and improving the employability of students in the region. In the first meeting 2020, which was held in Tenaris, "the group made a positive balance of the actions carried out in 2019 and confirmed the continuity of most of the member companies" they explained to this Multimedia.

The activities - adds the press report - will continue to be linked to the promotion of sustainable culture and the strengthening of employability in students in the region. During the first meeting of 2020 held last days in Campana, at the headquarters of the «TenarisUniversity», the member companies renewed their commitment to social responsibility.

"That is great news because it assures us enough resources to replicate and improve the activities proposed last year, such as the Garbage Serves program, workshops in schools and a great meeting to celebrate in October with the Technician's Day," said Leandro Simeone, coordinator of the AboutRSE group.

"We have projects for almost every month of the year and a defined teamwork dynamic, but we want to add more companies to expand our possibilities and enrich ourselves with new visions," he said.

“AcercaRSE combines two of the essential values ​​of our company,” said Luis Grieco, Tenaris Community Relations Manager. Sustainability, which is the basis of our operations, and education, where we focus most of the work with the community. That is why we choose to renew the commitment to the group”.

On the other hand, María Carolina Providente, of Nucleoeléctrica Argentina (NASA), said that “articulating efforts with other community actors means that the resulting actions reach places and spaces that would not otherwise be possible”. Therefore, he said, "projects in common as AcercaRSE are always welcome."

In 2020, the companies Agrofina, Ameghino Servicios, Axion-Pan American Energy, Bayer, Cooperativa Eléctrica Zárate, CICACZ, Holcim, Honda, Master Bus, NASA, Pampa Energía, Petromining, Softys, Tenaris, Toyota, Padilla and Zarcam are integrated.

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