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February 04, 2020
Africa, a development challenge for Argentina
With a breakfast that was attended by Ing. Gustavo Grobocopatel and the Ambassador of Morocco in Argentina Fares Yassir, we began the activities planned for this year.

During the meeting, Grobocopatel highlighted, first, the agricultural potential of Argentina and noted that 12 years ago they received consultations on rural development from different governments in Africa. The head of the Los Grobo Group, who was traveling to Ethiopia today said "The work should be framed within the launch of a more intense relationship between our country and West Africa, where more than 300 million consumers demand what we know best in Argentina to do: food and the know how to make them ”.

The meeting was presented by the President of the Circle of Legislators, Daniel "Chicho" Basile and was moderated by the National Deputy (MC), Gilberto Alegre, Secretary of Production of the Institute of Strategic Studies and International Relations of the Circle of Legislators. Basile stressed the importance of the African continent to Argentina for its geopolitical location and that the key to making investments is in future agreements that can be signed with the 54 countries of Africa.

Meanwhile, Alegre said "today the challenge is to bring knowledge through the third sector. Today 60% of the land in Africa is arable but only 10% is worked. We have the knowledge to transform 100% of the land into arable African. "

The Ambassador of Morocco Fares Yassir, stressed that "Africa today offers an unbeatable development opportunity for Argentina, taking into account the crisis that China is experiencing that is generating a brake on the world economy."

The president of the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation, Dr. Sergio Massa, sent a letter of adhesion to the initiative of the Circle, being available for future debates on the economic development of Argentina.

Present were the National Deputy Fabio Quetglas, and the mandated lawmakers Rafael Pascual and Alberto Allende Iriarte (First and Second Vice President of the Circle respectively), Liliana Gurdulich, Cristina Guevara, Néstor Perl, Humberto Roggero, Jesús Rodríguez, José Carlos 'Conde' Ramos , Ricardo Marcos and Marcelo Muscillo (Director of the Circle of Legislators). Also present were the Argentine Association of Producers in Direct Sowing (Aapresid), the African Chamber of Commerce in Argentina and the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences - University of Belgrano, with its dean Leonardo Galaburri, among others.

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