February 13, 2019
Agribusiness, services and nuclear technology for India and Vietnam
O presidente chega na Índia no domingo e depois vai para o Vietnã, liderando um grupo de 80 empresários, em busca de investimentos e diversificação das exportações.

In order to increase the commercial exchange and show investors the business opportunities offered by the country, President Mauricio Macri, together with officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Secretary of State for Agribusiness, the Argentine Agency for Investment and International Trade (AAICI) ) and a delegation of 80 businessmen, will be next week in India and Vietnam.

The axis of the tour will be the expansion of business in the area of ​​agri-food, with axis in the oil industry, fruit and vegetable production and regional economies, but not only that. It also intends to advance in exports of the pharmaceutical complex based in Argentina, in services based on knowledge, solutions for the agricultural sector and even nuclear technology.

Some of the companies that will be part of the Asian tour are Globant (services), Grupo Los Grobo, Vicentín and Rizobacter (agribusiness) and Aceitera General Deheza (oils), as well as representatives of the Argentine Rural Society, CIARA, the UIA and the Commission National Atomic Energy Agency (CNEA).

The official visit will begin in India on February 17 and will be extended there for three days, while on February 20 and 21 it will be the turn of Vietnam. They are two countries with potential for strengthening the bilateral commercial relationship.

In 2018, trade with India climbed to US $ 2,490 million, with exports of US $ 1,600 million and a trade surplus of US $ 714 million, but with exports highly concentrated in soybean oil. Vietnam, for its part, has been growing as a destination for Argentine production and seeks to deepen the link and open new markets.

The official visit to India matured during the last G20 Summit of Presidents, which took place in Buenos Aires on November 30 and December 1. After the goal of improving the country's position in global trade, the India tour will have stops in New Delhi and Mumbai, where business forums will be held to bring positions between Argentine and Indian businessmen.

But also, it seeks to seduce investors from that Asian power to invest in the country. According to El Cronista, there is Indian interest in agribusiness, in mining for lithium mining and also in Vaca Muerta, in order to take advantage of the opportunities offered by Argentina in unconventional hydrocarbons. As a novelty, the tourism sector appears on the radar of Indian investors, both for hotels and for the arrival of Indian tourists to the country.

In the field of nuclear energy, cooperation will continue with the Republic of India, within the framework of the cooperation agreement for the provision of a radioisotope production plant for U.S. $ 35 million and another project for the supply of steel tubes without 800 curved alloy seam for use in nuclear steam generators for US $ 3.8 million.

Published in: El Cronista Comercial (Argentina)

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