July 07, 2020
AgroEmpresas: Los Grobo launches its first corn hybrid
Within the framework of the first virtual Maizar Congress, the Los Grobo Group launched its first commercial corn hybrid: Grobo 1923 BTRG.

In this way, the company led by Gustavo Grobocopatel enters the hybrid development business, since until now it operated only in the seed multiplication segment.

Grobo 1923 BTRG is a material with tolerance to diatraea, the main maize pest and resistant to glyphosate. As they explain from the company Los Grobo has carried out an important series of trials under protocol in different parts of the country, where the same producers had the opportunity to evaluate, together with the company's technicians, the BTRG Grobo 1923.

Former Nidera, Guillermo Alonso, is the current technical advisor to Los Grobo and explained that he is working at full speed to offer new developments from the Argentine agricultural firm from the next campaign.

Los Grobo is one of the largest multipliers in Argentina, and even in recent years it has converted its business strategy towards the sale of inputs for agriculture. Currently, it markets soybeans, wheat and barley and has 30 branches that allow it to reach the agricultural producer directly.

About 50% of its income comes from the grain collection business. The company currently has 12 storage plants that provide it with a storage capacity of more than 270,000 tons. Meanwhile, 20% of its sales is from the sale of inputs for agriculture.

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