August 14, 2019
Agrofina presented “Alana” at the Aapresid Congress 2019
Once again Agrofina was present at the XXVII AAPRESID Congress 2019, Campo en Acción spoke with Marketing Manager Carlos Lamas about this new launch of the company.

Lamas commented: it is the only event of this magnitude that we participate in the year because we really believe that this is where technology meets producers. We have had a stand in this exhibition for 7 years.

As you can see, the stand is constantly full, there is very good interaction. In this case we are showing the new products and we are listening to the producers who approach their problems.

Resistant weeds

Agrofina is the company that has the most complete herbicide portfolio for resistant weeds. This time we are launching ALANA, the combination of two molecules for preemergence in yuyo colorado and black branch.

In principle, the benefit of applying it is to solve the problem of tank mixtures that do not always have the appropriate formulation but this product also has adjuvants that enhance the activity of the two molecules in the problem they have to attack.

Product and packaging concentration

We also observe this solution that we have to give to the market, that is why we are launching HALOX with an 81% formulation and we are launching one of the most used molecules that is CLETODIM at 48%. With this we managed to take more advantage of the active molecules, have good adjuvants and reduce the amount of packaging left in the fields.

The company

In general, we have been working well, we see a very promising campaign because there is just humidity in many areas and a dry season is not expected.

The biggest problem of the company is the lack of credits, this is a market that is not sold in the short term but that fits the demand for inputs from the producer with its payment capabilities. We find that financing ranges from 200 to 360 days, that type of lines is very problematic.

For this to begin to reverse, we must see what are the solutions to reduce the mass of money that sucks the Leliqs every week, this amount of money does not allow to turn to production and consumption.

Looking to the future

We have a practically unique research and development laboratory in the country, that joins the area of ​​Development and Technical Service in the field and from there the kitchen emerges into the future. We are planning to release new fungicides, herbicides and insecticides. Every year we will launch 2 or 3 products per year.

As for the active ingredients we make a study to see which ones are available without patents or whose patent can be negotiated. The other element is to mix known molecules that can solve problems that today have no solution.

Automatic translation from spanish.

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