January 11, 2018
AGROFINA presents: Dasen Plus y Formax III
DASEN PLUS, The best solution for Yuyo Colorado and FORMAX III, greener and healthier crops.

DASEN PLUS, The best solution for the Yuyo Colorado

After several years of research and field trials, Agrofina presents DASEN PLUS, the herbicide with applied technology to definitively eradicate the red mullet in SOYA crops. It has an exclusive combination of Benazolin + Fomesafen, two active ingredients with different mechanisms of action, specially designed for the control of colored Yuyo, both in pre and post emergency.

Its great advantages:

  • Fast action and greater final control, achieving less sprouts.
  • Systemic and contact action.
  • Combination of two assets of different mechanism of action, delaying the appearance of resistant weeds.
  • Excellent mixing compatibility with MARCH II glyphosate.Allows applications with low volumes of water.

Technology for the producer: Now DASEN PLUS, adds to our selective herbicides, SULFENAX 50 AND DARREN, to provide a comprehensive solution that eliminates all leaks.

Now with FORMAX III, greener and healthier crops.

Agrofina presents FORMAX III, the latest generation fungicide, formulated with all the power that Carboxamides offer, which gives you more kilos. FORMAX III, designed exclusively for the control of foliar diseases in peanut, soybean * and wheat * crops. Composed of 3 active ingredients that act in different action sites. On the one hand, it combines the outstanding preventive and antisporulative action of Azoxystrobin, and eradicator of Cyproconazole. The third component is a Carboxamide, of local systemic action and translocaly translocated. In this way, it is possible to have a tool for managing resistances, with a product with a broad spectrum of control.


  • More control Greater efficiency in the control of the main diseases.
  • More residual. For the addition of Carboxamide.
  • More green. Greater foliar retention of the cultures and delay of the senescence.
  • More kilos. Higher crop yield.
  • Less resistance. Avoid the generation of resistance with a product that acts on 3 sites of different action.

With this new fungicide, Agrofina continues to offer products with technology for the producer.

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Contact Information in AGROFINA: Ana Vultaggio (Marketing) Tel. (11) 4837.7800

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