August 28, 2018
Agrofina was recognized by the Fortuna Magazine as the Best Chemical Company in Argentina
Agrofina, one of the companies that make up Grupo Los Grobo, received the Fortuna 2018 Award for the Best Company in its sector, during the traditional ceremony organized by the economic magazine of Editorial Perfil for 14 years to recognize the Best and Largest Companies from Argentina.

The prize was awarded to Agrofina in the "Chemical" category, after defining the shortlist also composed of Carboclor and Melanor. During the ceremony, which featured prominent businessmen, officials, politicians and cultural personalities, another 16 firms were awarded, referring to different areas and activities.

After receiving the recognition, Carlos Lamas, Commercial Manager of Agrofina, said: "This award confirms that we are on the right path. We will continue working to position Agrofina, the leading national company in crop protection and with 40 years of experience, at the same level as the first international brands".

Meanwhile, Mariano Bergoglio, Marketing Manager of Agrofina, said: "This recognition renews the commitment we have with the sector and our mission, the development of high value-added products, adapting the most advanced technologies in the world to the local market".

The awards were delivered last Monday, August 27 at the headquarters of the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange.

The evaluation of the participating companies was carried out by the consultancy Rubinstein & Asociados and several key factors for the performance of the business activity were taken into account.

About Agrofina

Agrofina is a company, with 40 years in the market, that specializes in the development, production and marketing of products for the protection of crops. Since 2013, it is part of Grupo Los Grobo. Currently, it has more than 200 employees, who work in its industrial plant located in Zarate, its Research and Development laboratory located in Villa Devoto and its administrative offices in Vicente Lopez. During its last fiscal year it invoiced USD 119.5 M. Its long-term objective is to consolidate itself as the leading national company in the development of knowledge and technologies applied to the generation of sustainable solutions for the protection of crops.

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