August 13, 2019
Agrofina's plans
During Aapresid the company presented new alternatives for the present and drew up an ambitious plan for the future.

During the AAPRESID Congress, Agrofina was present with its wide range of products and presenting "Alana", its new herbicide that guarantees maximum control of the red yuyo and black branch in Soy.

According to the company, ALANA is a pre-sowing herbicide of exclusive formula, developed for the control of Conyza SP and Amaranthus SP in soybean cultivation. Its balanced formulation in diclosulam and flumioxazin is what allows a broad spectrum of control of difficult weeds.

Flumioxazin is a contact herbicide, with residual action in the soil, which acts by inhibition of the enzyme protoporphyrinogen oxidase (PPO). Diclosulam, on the other hand, is a systemic herbicide that acts by inhibiting the biosynthesis of the amino acid chain by interference with the enzyme acetolactate synthetase (ALS).

In this way ALANA is an integral solution to start planting crops that are free of difficult weeds. ALANA has an excellent spectrum of control of difficult weeds, the balance of assets that guarantees Amaranthus SP and Conyza SP control and a combination of two mechanisms of action.

  • Excellent spectrum of difficult weed control
  • ombination of two mechanisms of action.
  • Contact action, systemic and residual.
  • Grass suppressor effect.
  • Technological formulation with selected adjuvants that enhances herbicidal action and improves soil penetration

Other alternatives

AGROFINA also launched during the congress HALOX 81 and KYLIAN 48, two post-emergent graminicidal herbicides with the maximum concentration of the market for selective systemic action for soybean, peanut, sunflower, bean and cotton crops among others. Both allow controlling weeds once they have germinated and have a wide application window from newborn weeds to 30 or 40 cm high. On the other hand, KYLIAN 48 is the most effective graminicide for the control of FOP-resistant Aleppo sorghum.

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