May 16, 2019
Agroindustrial group will invest 100 million dollars
It is a company whose growth plan contemplates a territorial expansion and an increase in the value of its sales. Projects to double your billing.

The agroindustrial group Los Grobo, headed by entrepreneur Gustavo Grobocopatel, will invest 100 million dollars as part of a growth project that will last until 2022.

In that sense, according to La Nación, the firm will seek to expand its market. The main idea is to generate a territorial expansion through the opening of more premises for the sale of agricultural inputs.

They will also try to implement various improvements, changes in operations and seek to strengthen the Agrofina plant, the agrochemical production company located in the town of Zárate.

Meanwhile, Los Grobo, which has the backing of the Victoria Capital Partners fund since 2016, estimates an increase in billing. By June 2022, the firm expects to double the amount invoiced in 2017: it will go from selling for 525 million dollars to about 1,000 million dollars. Sin Mordaza.

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