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June 19, 2018
”Argentina should have a hundred Tandil”
In the talk on Friday June 8 in "Con Aire de Campo", Grobocopatel said that "Tandil is an example for Argentina because it has demonstrated a very diverse business ecosystem formation".

Paraphrasing Sarmiento in a speech he gave in Chivilcoy before becoming President, where he said that Argentina needed one hundred Chivilcoy, taking as an example of integration, agriculture and livestock, the businessman emphasized "I believe that Argentina should have one hundred Tandil, because with the agriculture that processes and produces brand, more technology and tourism issues, the community of Tandil is doing a fantastic job".

Referring to his landing in this region, the president of the Los Grobo group said that "the southeast of the province of Buenos Aires is a very important area in terms of productivity". And he remarked "it is one of the few areas in the world that has a port next to it".

At the time of the performance of the company in the city said that "we could be an important player and we are still in the area, offering producers quality and serious products." "Surely in the coming years we will have a greater presence that will be seen in the growth of the activity," he concluded.

Finally, he explained that "Los Grobo is one of the most sophisticated capital structures in the Argentine market, and also worldwide".

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