April 07, 2020
At Grupo Los Grobo, we are committed...
With our country, guaranteeing production for both domestic consumption and export.

With our clients, maintaining our response quality and management level in all operations.

With our collaborators, providing conditions so that they can carry out their work safely and responsibly.

In less than a week, more than 50% of the company adapted to the Telework modality and we managed to keep the operation running smoothly.

In a single working day:

5237 messages were exchanged, 121 calls were made and 38 virtual meetings were held.

More than 2000 files were viewed and edited through Sharepoint.

The use of platforms such as Microsoft Teams increased by 665%.

In one month, the exchange by Email grew by 3.4% (1,239,299 emails read)

The strengthening of our Systems and Processes in which we have been working and investing for a year today allow us to closely follow our objectives, without neglecting any of the links in our Network:

30% of the computer park was replaced, mostly exchanging PCs for notebooks.

Bandwidth was expanded at major locations.
All files were migrated to the cloud.

Incidents were centralized in a single tool with web access.

We continue working, to be able to adapt quickly to the challenges that reality holds for us, without neglecting our commitments and goals.

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