November 23, 2022
Business, leadership and talent: definitions to be competitive
Leaders of Argentine companies reflected in panels on management proposals and practices to take into account to address current challenges.

Local talent and leadership was the theme addressed by Luis Guastini, CEO and President of ManpowerGroup Argentina; Fernando Tezanos Pinto, president of Auren Argentina and Auren Latin America and Fabiana Gadow, CEO of Korn Ferry Argentina

For Guastini, the labor market broke borders. «The first is that of physical spaces. Before, the personal space of the professional was very delimited, which began to be diluted at this time. The second space is that of personal life and work life. The time dedicated to work and daily life began to dilute, something that generates many difficulties and benefits. The third limit is that of the borders of the countries and the fourth limit is in the organization, with much more diffuse limits, much more complex value chains, suppliers that you do not know if they are that or employees, something that shows that we are in full change process”.

In this regard, Tezanos Pinto pointed out that “in recent years, all organizations have been transformed and those that did not do so during the pandemic, had to do so during that process in a mandatory manner. This transformation encompasses new products, new markets and internal transformation. The search for new talent is also part of this whole process and management is much more engaged in the search for new talent and directly involves the general manager.

Gadow, put the emphasis on leadership. «The leader's profile is important because from the boards there are issues on the agenda that did not appear before. The big point is that it seeks to reconvert leaders into a disruptive role, who think about culture from other points such as collaborators and customers. Another important point is the trajectory. What is it that transformed or generated it?

In this regard, Tezanos Pinto pointed out, “every business should have a strategy and it should also be accompanied by a structure appropriate to the strategy chosen. In times of crisis, it is essential that leaders each fulfill their role, something that we have to learn from the first world and apply in each of our agendas. That the decisions that are made in the meetings are good and quick, that one thing does not imply taking away the other.

The following panel included Facundo Mendizabal, president of Parallel; Ariel Scaliter, Co-founder of Agrotoken; Juan Lariguet, president of Corteva Agriscience in the Southern Cone region and Enrique Flaiban, CEO of Grupo Los Grobo.

Flaiban warned about the uncertainty that is coming for 2023, both due to the Argentine situation and the world crisis. «Within this context that we have, what we see are the opportunities that we can capture. It is a market that is going to be very competitive, where you have to be very flexible, know where you move ».

And he pointed out that Los Grobo “was always an innovative company. Gustavo Grobocopatel's gene remained in the organization. It has reinvented itself many times in its 35-year history and continues to do so. Not only from the point of view of technology applied to production, but also in facilitating the connection with customers”.

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