November 26, 2021
Capitalize on global demand and think about a circular economy to boost agriculture
Gustavo Grobocopatel, founder of Grupo Los Grobo, and Mariano Bosch, CEO and co-founder of Adecoagro, agreed on the opportunity that the country has to take advantage of the international demand for agricultural products produced in a sustainable way.

"There is no dimension of what the complex agricultural system can give. Some think that the time has come to milk it, to remove it. But in reality there is enormous potential in the sector, unexplored. You do not have to create demand, it came to stay from part of the world and it is one of the backbones on which Argentina can get out of the confinement in which it is, "said Gustavo Grobocopatel, founder of Grupo Los Grobo.

The businessman spoke at the panel "The agriculture, historical engine of Argentine growth", organized by Forbes Argentina within the framework of a new edition of its Reinventing Argentina summit.

At his side, Mariano Bosch, CEO and co-founder of Adecoagro, considered that the world "today is demanding food and renewable energies produced in a sustainable way, from the environmental, social and economic aspects. We have there a very clear opportunity and we have everything to be very competitive. For example, through the concept of the carbon footprint, to fix it through photosynthesis, to take advantage of the combination of soil and climate to make food, renewable energy and even construction elements. Now we take advantage of the shell of Rice to make bricks, with cow dung we produce methane that generates electricity for the towns ... We have to keep thinking about a circular economy and thus present ourselves to the world. "


Forbes Argentina presented the third edition of its Reinventing Argentina summit, an essential meeting to understand the causes and origin of the country's crisis and decipher the direction to follow for a future of development.

It was a meeting point for businessmen, politicians from the three most important forces, intellectuals, economists and scientists to contribute to the debate on the consensus and necessary reforms that are urgent in Argentina today.

This proposal to rethink the country in search of vision, with courage and leadership, was developed with the presentation of Alex Milberg, Publisher & General Director of Forbes Argentina, in a hybrid event format, and was broadcast from the Sheraton Retiro live on forbesargentina .com.

Fiserv. and YPF were Platinum Sponsors of the meeting, in which Mercedes Benz, Bristol Myers Squibb, Siglo 21 University, Government of the City of Buenos Aires, Quilmes, Motorola, PTP Group and Microsoft also participated as Gold Sponsors. →

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