December 03, 2021
Emanuel Bodega Duckwitz in “The digital transformation of agriculture”; a seminar thinking about the technological evolution of the field
On Tuesday, December 14, "The Digital Transformation of Agriculture" will be held, an extraordinary event in which 19 speakers will present their vision of how to make the agricultural business increasingly sustainable.

Some of the main technology companies (startups) in the agricultural sector came together to create this unique event and talk about the experience of ‘The digital transformation of agriculture’.

The speakers will meet on December 14 at the Sheraton hotel in the Retiro neighborhood, in Buenos Aires. And the event will be aimed at producers, advisers and all members of the agricultural value chain who will be able to follow it online and will be totally free and free (prior registration).

There, the speakers will share their experiences and put on the table the challenges that are and will be central to the development of the agricultural sector in the coming years.

The digital technologies industry, the manufacturing of inputs, the grain market, livestock, machinery, the agtech world, agricultural production and venture capital, will be the topics that the 19 specialists will address.

“A digital transformation is being carried out in agriculture, which not only includes the use of new digital technological tools, but also the adaptation of processes, changes in habits and a more collaborative way of thinking and acting that has as its center of everything to the people ”, said Ignacio Eguren CEO at AgroPro and host of the meeting.

Among the organizing companies are Caburé, AgroPro, Agrofy, Eiwa, The Roundtable, Kilimo, EmpreAr, AgriRed, Endeavor, iPuma, Auravant, Innovar + Emprender, Nesters and JornaderosAgro.

The day will be divided into 6 themes that concern and occupy the time of those agricultural organizations that are looking forward.

To follow the talks via streaming (


9.00. Presentation by Luisina López Hiriart and Ignacio Eguren

9.10-9.40: Agro digital: What is it and what new challenges does it bring? How and when is value seen? Speakers: Lara Giuliani, Agricultural Engineer and livestock producer; Alejandro Larosa, President of Agrofy and Matías Corradi, Business Development Lead at The Climate Corporation.

9.50-10.20: The value of data: How to get the most out of it? How do I start? Speakers: Paulina Lescano, specialist in Agricultural Markets; Rolando Meninatto, former Vice President of Dow Agrosciences and Marcelo Testa, Agricultural Contractor.

10.30-11.00: Sustainability: What does it imply, how does it affect me and what is it for? Speakers: María Beatriz “Pilu” Giraudo, Honorary President at Aapresid; Jimena Sabor, Manager at Summabio and Marcelo Regúnaga, Academic Director of the Buenos Aires Cereal Exchange training program.

11.10-11.40: Innovation: What is an innovative mindset? Why is team culture important? Speakers: Ana Wegman, Innovation and Development at Lartitigoyen; Roberto Rodríguez, CEO at Agroads and Gustavo Degli, Head of Transactions at Agrotoken.

11.50-12.20: Venture Capital: What is the VC? What is the appeal of Agtechs? How do they impact producers and advisers? Speakers: Tomas Peña, Managing Director at The Yield Lab; Juan Cabrera, Co-founder at Xperiment; Bernardo Milesy, Founder and Managing Partner at Glocal.

12.30-13.00. Digital technology: trends What are they? What do they come to solve? Speakers Laura Lukasik, Director of Digital Innovation at UPL; Fernando López Iervasi, General Manager of Microsoft; Emanuel Bodega Duckwitz, Manager of Production and Associated Sowing of Los Grobo and Carlos Becco, Senior Advisor and Keynote Speaker.

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