March 25, 2021
Enrique Iglesias, former president of the IDB:
In a dialogue with the agro-industrial businessman Gustavo Grobocopatel, he highlighted the potential of Mercosur due to its resources and its "creativity."

“Argentina needs a minimum of political agreement to take substantive measures. It is at war with its economy ”. The phrase was said by someone who knows the country: Enrique Iglesias, former president of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and former Foreign Minister of Uruguay.

During a presentation of a digital agriculture platform from Los Grobo, Iglesias, interviewed by Gustavo Grobocopatel, said that Argentina has great potential to grow because of its "natural resources and creativity", but that "political parties have to put everything on the table ”to generate agreements and reach that potential.

The former IDB president reviewed the international scene and the role of the Mercosur countries in that context. He regretted that the regional bloc, which these days celebrates 30 years of its creation, has not achieved its objectives. “We have 300 million inhabitants with all the natural wealth available in land and water. Also a certain social unit. It is important that political leaders mature and collaborate, ”he said, referring to the differences that still exist between the countries of the region.

Iglesias stressed that the demographic axis of the globe will move in 2100 from Asia, where today 60% of the world's population is concentrated, to the Atlantic. “There is no region in the world that has the resources that we have in Mercosur, nor does China have them. There is very great potential in the long term, ”he described.

On the international stage, the former IDB president pointed out that today China is the great emerging power after the hegemony that the United States had after the Second World War. But he warned that the Asian giant does not have an authoritarian conception of democracy in which the state is the great regulator. "The United States and China must have a cooperative dialogue, it would be a triumph of common sense, if not, the confrontation will bring us the confrontation," he said.

Iglesias also highlighted the role of technology; he particularly he pointed out about the rhythm of the changes. "The pace of progress is spectacular, for better or for worse," he stressed.

Grobocopatel, founder of Los Grobo, although he is no longer part of his board of directors, also highlighted the value of technology. On the digital platform, called Mauá, he said that it is “projected as a fundamental tool in turbulent and uncertain times, and is integrated into a technological convergence that includes, in addition to AI, machine and deep learning, the Internet of things, biotechnology , nanotechnology, robotics, precision agriculture, blockchain, fintech, ecommerce and many others that will transform productive ecosystems, organizational culture and life in general ”.

In the presentation, the CEO of Los Grobo, Jorge Arpí, announced that the new platform is "the first step in a series of improvements" in the firm's technology.


Automatic translation from spanish.

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