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June 05, 2020
Environment Day
We report some of the actions that we are implementing at Grupo Los Grobo to guarantee the Sustainable Management of our resources.

At the Agrofina's Factory in Zarate, a hydroseeding, soil improvement and landscaping process was carried out in conjunction with INTA engineers with the aim of reforesting the environment with native species and thus solving the plant's storm drainage, improving its natural condition.

At Los Grobo Agropecuaria we actively join CampoLimpio's proposal, an organization that was born from the joint work of CASAFE and CIAFA, and whose mission is to implement a management system for empty phytosanitary containers throughout the country, promoting laundering, recycling and correct reuse. Throughout 2019 and so far in 2020, some 375 thousand kilos of plastic have been recovered.

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Los Grobo Agropecuaria was the first company in the world to obtain certification of its soybean production process under the sustainability standards guaranteed by the Round Table for Responsible Soy (RTRS).

At Agrofina, we work daily in the development of new products thinking from packaging to concentration, always with the challenge of efficiently integrating the demand of our customers with environmental care.

Every year, we receive in all our industrial and operational plants Environmental Management Audits that are governed by international standards.

The Agrofina Research and Development Laboratory once again achieved the re-certification of its ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, as it has been doing consecutively since 2013.

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