August 17, 2016
Environment provided training to prevent fires in stockpiles
It was intended for personnel of Fire, Civil Defense and Ecological Police, given in the Hall of Acts by Ing. Agr. Claudio Estévez, plant coordinator of Los Grobo Agropecuaria S.A.

A training was developed in the municipal Hall of Acts on drying machines in the collection plants, mainly in regard to the part of prevention against possible fires, with the organization of the Directorate of Environment, in charge of the Planning Secretariat , Public Works and Services.

The talk of the day, was in charge of Ing. Agr. Claudio Estévez, Plant coordinator in the national group Los Grobo Agropecuaria, who after training firefighters, Civil Defense, Ecological Police and planters, said that "there was a need to train those who attended the fire in dryers and an entertaining talk where we share information and needs on the subject ".

Estévez was summoned by Martín Bruno, director of the local environment, according to the request of the mayor Facundo López to focus on the subject, adding that Estevez "is a very frequent topic, especially in very wet years like this, that all the merchandise does not leave in field conditions and has to be conditioned in the silos plants, that is why the dryers are overloaded, they work many hours a day and there is a greater frequency of loss ".

He also clarified that extreme prevention measures must be taken, "that is, having the dryers clean and working with qualified personnel, as well as having preventions to fight, that the firemen know the access to the plant, since it is a team effort" , Estévez highlighted.

"Once the accident has occurred, the first thing to do is call the firemen and have water, without water you can not do magic, if you have a dryer, you should have a network of fires to be able to attack initially and wait for the firemen for the final shutdown of the machine, "he said.It is worth noting that Los Grobo Agropecuaria S.A. is an Argentine economic group with an axis in the production and export agroindustrial food in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.

The group is run by the Grobocopatel family and is one of the leading companies in the country, the first national producer of wheat and second soybean, based in Carlos Casares, Buenos Aires.

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