November 17, 2022
Farm CEOs revealed concerns and challenges
In a seminar, leaders of the sector pointed out the loss of competitiveness, the costs and the impact of the climatic phenomenon, which will cause, due to a lower production, a drop in the income of foreign currency.

During the "National Agribusiness Forum" organized by LIDE Argentina, CEOs of companies such as Los Grobo, Adecoagro, Goyaike and industry leaders warned about the difficulties facing the field due to the exchange rate gap, the impact of the drought and the lack of progress on issues such as a new seed law, among others. In addition, as they warned, the possibility of a new soybean dollar paralyzed the market, with sales of the grain slowed down.

The event, which brings together the main leaders, public and private specialists in the sector, was held at the Alvear Palace. There they talked about the potential of the activity, but also, among other points, that "the increase in costs is in dollars." For executives, this causes them to go "slower" and lose competitiveness.

In the first panel, made up of Christian Angio, CEO of Goyaike; Enrique Flaiban, CEO of the Los Grobo Group; Ezequiel Garbers, country manager of Adecoagro; Agustín Dranovsky, CEO of Compañía de Tierras Sud Argentino, stressed that agriculture “does not produce dollars”, but rather “soybeans, corn, products, food”, and that given the problem of the exchange rate gap “it is compromised with payments to the Exterior".

“We are stuck with the seed law and it is what will encourage production the most by 40%, 50%, 60%. That seems key to me because we are losing competitiveness. We are missing out on a huge opportunity right now with this," said Garbers, who considered that it is time to invest and take care of natural resources. →

Automatic translation from spanish.

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