February 26, 2022
First job 2022: which companies are looking for students and graduates
Getting your first job is a critical moment in your working life. Added to the structural problems of employment in Argentina are the demands of the market that include experience, knowledge or skills that most young people have difficulty accessing.

However, after the peak of the pandemic crisis, first job advertisements grew by 77% between January 2021 and January 2022, according to the latest report from the Bumeran online portal. At the same time, that segment "receives twice as many applications per ad as the market average," the report says.

For young people entering higher education (university or tertiary), pathways into the world of work include internships and young professional programmes.

"There are more and more internship programs and interns fulfill important functions: it is no longer like in previous times when they were asked to make photocopies," says Florencia Vidal, director of Marketing at Direcciona, an HR consultancy. specialized in this type of programs.

Internship contracts are governed by Law No. 26,427, which establishes a maximum of 20 hours of work per week for 12 months, extendable for 6 more, since internships are considered educational and must take place within the framework of an agreement between the company and college.

According to Vidal, companies see internships as a seedbed, so many interns are later hired. At the same time, "companies feel they can't get candidates and kids don't get jobs. There is a lack of information in the market. Danone, for example, is looking for 350 interns a year. Exxon, 400," she says.

On the other hand, the programs for young professionals are more limited: "Companies look for candidates with high potential, with soft skills, such as leadership and teamwork, and who are about to graduate or have recently graduated, although it is not important that they have had experience ", says Camila Mouriño, Project Coordinator at the consultancy.

The young professionals are effectively incorporated into the company, and during the year that the program usually lasts, they rotate internally, getting to know the different areas of the company.

To facilitate the meeting between students or recent graduates and companies, Direcciona organizes the #TourUniversidades2022, in which 21 universities and some 25 companies participate. "The purpose is for the students to train for job interviews or CV preparation and for them to learn about the companies' offers. The first activity of the tour will be on April 5," says Vidal.
Calls for young professionals

Los Grobo has just incorporated 10 young professionals for the first edition of its #SemilleroGrobo program. The requirements were: up to 28 years old, residents in Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Entre Ríos, La Pampa or Santa Fe, graduated or taking the last subjects of Agronomic Engineering, Bachelor of Agricultural Economics, or related careers with specialization in Agro.

"The first three months will be devoted to training and on boarding agribusinesses in Carlos Casares, to later be assigned to a branch in the interior. The program lasts 9 months and, among other issues, they will be assigned innovation projects and improvement of our processes", they describe from the company.

The call was in November, and the idea is to repeat it at the end of this year.

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