August 10, 2022
Fortuna Award for the Best Agro Production Company: Los Grobo Agropecuaria
The group covers different areas of the agribusiness sector, has integrated service centers, industrial plants and commercial branches in various provinces.

Los Grobo Group won the Fortuna Award for Best Agro Production Company, which was received by its CEO Enrique Flaiban, and Gustavo Grobocopatel, founder of the group.

The award was presented by Nicolás Pino, president of the Argentine Rural Society at the ceremony held at the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange.

"This award is very important for us. It is the second award we have received. Los Grobo maintains leadership in the development of technology for production. Thanks to our collaborators, our clients and shareholders," said Enrique Flaiban, upon receiving the award.

Los Grobo was born in 1984 by Adolfo Grobocopatel and today, with more than 37 years, it has integrated service centers, industrial plants and commercial branches in various provinces of the country and has managed to expand not only regionally but also internationally. throughout its entire value chain.

Since its creation, the company has evolved to form a modern organization based on innovation and with a presence in different areas of the agribusiness sector, integrating itself through operational synergies between the different activities it undertakes and the generation of economies of scale.

Fortune Awards

Every year, Fortuna magazine honors those who stood out the most in business activity in Argentina.

These range from sectors such as the production of agriculture and agroservices, food and clothing, to industries such as electricity, real estate and banks, among others.

All the awards arise from the evaluation carried out by the consulting firm Gabriel Rubinstein y Asociados of the balance sheets presented by the companies as of March 31, 2022. →

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