September 25, 2022
From Los Grobo, Lucía Dellagiovanna believes that a company will be attractive if it gives power of choice to its workers: “The person needs to become employable”
Among the challenges that a company can face on a daily basis, one that has become increasingly recurrent is that of retaining talent. And in agriculture this obstacle has been particularly strengthened, taking into account above all that the generational change has not accelerated as in other sectors. Lucía Dellagiovanna, talent management manager at the Los Grobo group, works on this issue.

“Today it is a huge challenge for any industry to retain talent, care for employees, train them and help them grow in the organization. We no longer build with human resources management that has its sights set on the process. But today there is a paradigm shift where the person needs to choose, become employable, and in that becoming employable what they are looking for are experiences”, Dellagiovanna explained to Bichos de Campo.

In this sense, for the specialist, one way to retain talent is to make the employee feel that he adds value to management. For that, it is key to generate devices and platforms so that it can be developed within the organization.

“The work fundamentally belongs to the leaders, who are the ones who manage the teams. That is why it is necessary to train them in development conversations, to ensure that they are close to the people, that they know their interests, that they become facilitators of their teams' learning. People must feel that they can choose, that they can be trained in flexibility, innovation and resilience”, said Dellagiovanna.

"There are issues that the organization has to have, that are attractive to younger people, and that have to do with diversity, the balance between personal and work life, sustainability, among others," added the specialist.

-What are the obstacles that you identify in agricultural companies and that you think should be addressed?

-This paradigm shift has to do with getting out of certainty, of eternal planning and attached to it, and daring to change. It has to do with giving collaborators the possibility to test in pursuit of innovation. We need to try, make mistakes and learn- And in that way we will become more agile. Today customers demand an activity and we need to be faster in our responses.

- Does communication play there?

-Totally. It is knowing how to communicate, it is communicating at the right time and it is communicating through different channels. It is what we need today to stay more current in this world, in this new context. →

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