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April 27, 2018
Grobocopatel at the Business Summit of the Americas "there is no other region on the planet that has the conditions to provide food, clothing and medicine"
The Argentine businessman, Gustavo Grobocopatel participated in the Business Summit of the Americas that took place days ago in Lima, the capital of Peru. At the end of the meeting, the Casarense read a letter to which Portal El Toro accessed and which we then show our readers.

The text of the letter read by Gustavo Grobocopatel argues that "There is no other region on the planet that has the conditions of the Americas to provide the food that will be demanded and the raw materials for construction, clothing, medicines, and other multiple uses."

"We believe that we are in the right place -the Americas- and in a suitable sector and moment, since the demand for our products will grow in quantity and quality during the coming decades. We have a commitment to the inhabitants of this world for their provision in a timely manner." he subscribes.

The king of soy, as it is known in our country said that "entrepreneurs linked to the world of agribusiness have agreed on a document that reflects our vision, ideas and challenges of short, medium and long term, understanding that the complexity and depth they require a systemic approach that integrates the public and private sectors and society as a whole".

"The region is a broad photosynthetic platform that converts sun and water into multiple products that come out of our valleys, plains, forests, mountains, seas and rivers. We have abundant and cheap water, much more than the rest of the planet. But above all we have a culture on how to cultivate, which comes from ancestral and remote America, acquired and improved by recent migrations, "enthused the Casarense, Gustavo Grobocopatel.

"Entrepreneurs are willing to lead innovating, with effort and creativity, risking our capital. For this, we need hard and soft infrastructure. We also need institutions of this century and a State of this time: a facilitating State, a builder of public goods, a State that learns and changes permanently. A State that leads the transformations and transforms them into a collective feat, "concluded one of the most important agricultural entrepreneurs of the Argentine Republic.

At the end of the letter he says: "In these times, time is not neutral, you have to do things well and you have to do them ... fast. We are committed to doing them with transparency, integrity, building the future."

Published by: Portal de Noticias “El Toro” (Argentina)
Automatic translation from spanish.

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