June 01, 2015
Grobocopatel: from soy to biotechnology
Gustavo Grobocopatel is 53 years old and is known as "the king of soya" in Argentina. Thanks to its management, which today is studied in the most important business schools in the world as Harvard, the family farming business founded by his father, Los Grobos, became a multinational.

The keys to the success of the management of Grobocopatel are two:

In the first place, its business model focuses on land management and not land ownership or the machinery that works them. Thanks to this model, Los Grobo has been able to go from being the owner and controlling the use of around 1,000 hectares to managing its own and third-party fields with an area that exceeds 350,000 hectares.

Second, the intensive use of technology. Since taking over the management of Los Grobos, Grobocopatel has opted for the use of technology in its agricultural management. For example, for many years now it has been using transgenic seeds and farming without tillage or direct sowing.

Despite its business success and the great potential it sees for agriculture, "the king of soy" is in full reorganization of its business to migrate from grain production to the provision of biotechnology services and precision sowing.

For Grobocopatel, in order to modernize agriculture and solve the problems of food security, rural poverty and environmental degradation, countries must think and operate agricultural fields as factories without chimneys that do not emit carbon dioxide but consume it; who use the renewable energy of the sun; that allow to maintain the population in rural areas; and that allow to assure decent living standards for farmers.

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