May 28, 2018
Grobocopatel: "The country must move to a kind of post-granary economy"
For the agricultural entrepreneur it is vital to put inflation in check and reduce the fiscal deficit. He's comfortable with a dollar at $ 25 but says you have to win markets.

Gustavo Grocopatel, president of Los Grobo, became known as the "king of soy" in the last decade. Today the title of royalty was left behind, although it is still an unmissable reference for the agro-industrial sector, with a view on the incorporation of innovation and technology in the production process.

The businessman supported the government measures after the exchange rate that brought the dollar to $ 25, but believes that "the problem of the exchange rate is that it is not disconnected from inflation", which impacts the fixed income sectors but also "about the expectations and investments of companies".

These were some precisions of the businessman during the presentation of the Week of Engineering, organized by the Argentine Center of Engineers (CAI) and that will take place from June 5 to 7 at the Buenos Aires office of the entity. Grobocopatel, who will be the president of the meeting, was accompanied by the head of the CAI, Horacio Cristiani, and referred to the technological convergence that is going to change the agroindustry, and how it is linked to infrastructure.

Consulted on the versions that indicate that the government at the request of the minister of Finance and coordinator of the economic team is thinking about temporarily suspending the schedule of low of the retentions to soybean and derivatives, Grobocopatel was against the measure because "it is known that the retentions do not increase the collection and may even deteriorate it".

But he also stressed that the country is losing capacity to export against competitors such as Brazil or the United States, "which are occupying places in the market in which we are, among other things, because we have very high retentions in soybeans and production is not it grows".

With a view to the medium term but without ignoring the situation, Grobocopatel said that "the great challenge is not only to coordinate how we are going to reduce the fiscal deficit, but also how we are going to produce more and export more." And in this sense, a relevant aspect is to invest in R & D, so as to "move to a kind of post-granary economy," he said.

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