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September 28, 2018
Grobocopatel: “The genetic edition modifies everything, lowers costs and democratizes“
Increasingly, robotization and artificial intelligence are being applied in agribusiness, with surprising results.

With this outlook, Gustavo Grobocopatel, of Grupo Los Grobo, considered that "in a short time speaking of transgenics will be medieval" and assured that "the genetic edition modifies everything, lowers costs and democratizes".

The entrepreneur, who spoke at the ACSoja 2018 Seminar held in Rosario under the slogan "Soy, engine of Argentine sustainable development", said that "the trend in direct seeding is robotization. We will see robots printed in 3D that sow, and that could be an opportunity for the machinery industry".

And he went further by arguing that with "precision agriculture, robotization and the greater use of technology we are going to transform our fields into test fields; we will be able to rehearse processing the information that we generate in our fields. We can have the INTA in our fields".

In this context, he argued for the need to innovate and faced with the new productive paradigm, he affirmed that "the challenge is if we are going to be the protagonists or consumers. The capture of the added value will be in those who can develop and be a pioneer and we are distracted by cutting criminals ", in clear allusion to the changes of rules for the agroindustry.

In this context, he said that "we are giving competitors the opportunity" to move forward and be leaders.

Rejection of retentions On the Rosario Cereal Stock Exchange, entrepreneurs and soy referents did not miss the opportunity to question the return of withholdings.

"In Argentina, grinding capacity tripled in 20 years; the withholdings stopped the growth of soybean "said Roberto Urquía, from Aceitera General Deheza.

"I hope that the people of the Secretariat of Agribusiness will rectify quickly", added the Cordovan businessman.

And went further to assert that "90% of the export of soy will be in the hands of China. Competitiveness is the key to good sales values".

In this regard, he added that "we are going to end up in the hands of China, which is going to pay us the bean for whatever it wants. You have to industrialize; but the government does not seem to understand".

For his part, Luis Zubizarreta, president of ACSoja, said that "although the chain is competitive, the tax cost is stifling".

"We request that the measures taken in the short term be reversed," the director added.

Fuente: Agroverdad. Especial: Mariana Scalerandi.
Automatic translation from spanish.

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