March 28, 2018
Grobocopatel: "The results are gradual"
Exports could reach a reduction of U.S. $ 5 billion due to the impact of the drought on agricultural production, estimated the president of Los Grobo, Gustavo Grobocopatel.

"We estimate US $ 5 billion less in exports," said Grobocopatel, speaking on FM Concept radio, asked about the impact of the drought on the Argentine economy. The producer pointed out that there are other impacts that have not yet been measured, but that a "decrease in economic activity in the interior, exports and tax collection" is expected.

"We are going to have a year that will affect the growth of Argentina, there are estimates that can reach 1% less growth, that can be partially compensated by other things, but we enter the second time losing three to zero," he said.

Grobocopatel pointed out that the drought "continues" and that it is reaching record levels, "and explained that the impact was varied in the field, because there were soils" well endowed with moisture from the spring flood "passed. A map of yields very erratic and variable, "he said.

He indicated that although "every day greater losses are estimated", the agricultural entrepreneur recalled that "the Grain Exchange said that soybean production will be less than 40 million" tons, when "we came from an estimate of more than 55 million tons.

"In this regard, he noted that the soybean production of the country "is falling 30 or 35%", and considered that "it is likely to begin to impact on the sowing of wheat that is coming", because the soils "are very dry and have to load of water to be able to plant wheat."

On the other hand, and regarding the Argentine economy in general, Gobocopatel said that "it would give the impression that we are improving" because "inflation is lowering, the deficit is falling, there are sectors that are moving, unemployment has fallen and there are openings of new markets in a world that has a very large wave of protectionism."

"The results are gradual," said the producer, adding that "the effort is being made by the whole society." "The government is putting money in sectors that are outside the system, the unemployed, social spending has increased," he said.

Finally, Grobocopatel said: "We all put our grain of sand in this gradualism, if it had been shock, most of the impact should have been absorbed by the working class."

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