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June 04, 2018
Grobocopatel urged to solve macro imbalances
Agroindustrial entrepreneur Gustavo Grobocopatel affirmed that the private sector is today facing a set of challenges, but warned that "many of the issues to be addressed are impossible with inflation, which requires solving macroeconomic imbalances".

"If there is inflation you can not budget, generate investments, make decisions of any kind, and people do not know what is the value of the money they charge or at what prices they will pay for the products," said Grobocopatel.

He expressed it yesterday during the presentation of the activities of the Week of Engineering, which will take place from June 5 to 7 under the slogan "Agro-industry in the new millennium".

According to the businessman, "we have to integrate ourselves into the world, lower costs and export; today we only export the equivalent of 20% of GDP, compared to 90% of Germany, while Mexico and Brazil have much higher percentages than us".

Accompanied by the head of the Argentine Center of Engineers (CAI), Horacio Cristiani, during a meeting with the press, Grobocopatel affirmed that "we are a country of 40 million inhabitants and we can not live for internal consumption only".

He added that "we must improve the productivity of the people, which is related to the educational issue but also to the incentives, and some things have to do with labor laws".

Grobocopatel considered, on the other hand, that "an exchange rate of $ 25 (per dollar) is better than $ 20, which was unsustainable because it had not accompanied inflation".

He warned in this regard that "the problem of the exchange rate has a lot to do with inflation, because if it is devalued (the national currency) and there is inflation, the effective exchange rate is cut".

The businessman highlighted the government's decision to have a coordinating minister for the economic area, although he suggested "coordinating measures to increase production and productivity".

Grobocopatel warned later that "we are poorer than we think and we will have to understand that we have to spend less, not of course in alleviating poverty, but in other areas".

As for the topics that will be developed during the Engineering Week, he said that private experts, officials and academics will tackle the challenges of agro-industry; the infrastructure for agriculture; the contributions of the sector to social development and the analysis of the opportunities for the activity.

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