April 20, 2018
Grobocopatel: ''We need a facilitating State''
Producer Gustavo Grobocopatel read a message to the presidents at the end of the Business Summit of the Americas, which took place last week in Lima, Peru. Next, a synthesis of his speech.

"Entrepreneurs linked to the world of agribusiness have reached consensus on a document that reflects our vision, ideas and short, medium and long term challenges, understanding that the complexity and depth of them require a systemic approach that integrates the public and private sectors. private sector and society as a whole".

"We believe that we are in the right place - the Americas - and in a suitable sector and moment, since the demand for our products will grow in quantity and quality during the coming decades." We have a commitment to the inhabitants of this world for their provision in time and form".

"There is no other region on the planet that has the conditions of the Americas to provide the food that will be demanded and the raw materials for construction, clothing, medicines, and other multiple uses".

"The region is a broad photosynthetic platform that converts sun and water into multiple products that come out of our valleys, plains, forests, mountains, seas and rivers, we have abundant and cheap water, much more than the rest of the planet. a culture on how to cultivate, that comes from ancestral and remote America, acquired and improved by recent migrations".

"On these foundations we are riding in a technological convergence without precedents and without known limits, biotechnology allows to design plants transforming them into factories that absorb CO2 and use solar energy, they are the basis of a new green industrial revolution that will take place in rural areas We will be accompanied by a new chemistry, the microbiology that domesticates microorganisms and by the technologies to plant without removing the earth.For the first time in history, farmer is not synonymous with plowman and we will be able to give our children better soils What we receive: Robotics, precision agriculture, nanotechnology, management based on artificial intelligence, the internet of things, machine learning and the uberization of logistics and services, will change the forms of organization , the division of labor and the use of assets".

"But we will not be condemned to success, we must prepare ourselves, entrepreneurs, States and society's organizations, we must work together to make this process with hope, including the majorities, generating progress for many and inclusion for all".

"Entrepreneurs are willing to lead innovating, with effort and creativity, risking our capital, for this, we need hard and soft infrastructure, we also need institutions of this century and a State of this time: a facilitating State , builder of public goods, a State that learns and changes permanently, a State that leads transformations and transforms them into a collective feat".

Published by:
Diario La Nación (Argentina)
Automatic translation from spanish.

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