November 03, 2020
Grobocopatel will be Doctor Honoris Causa from the University of Concepción del Uruguay
The University of Concepción del Uruguay (UCU) will award the title of Doctor Honoris Causa to the Agronomist Gustavo Grobocopatel, through a virtual ceremony that will take place on November 19. Upon receiving the distinction, Grobocopatel will offer its Doctoral Conference on "Sustainable Development in of uncertainty".

The future Doctor Honoris Causa is an Agronomist Engineer graduated from the Faculty of Agronomy of the University of Buenos Aires (FAUBA), an institution where he also served as a Professor in Soil Management and Conservation between 1984 and 1990. It was, until very recently time, president of the “Los Grobo” Group. He is currently president of LIDE Agronegocios and director of Bioceres S.A. (Biotechnology Company). He is a member of the Endeavor Board of Directors, participates in the Economic and Social Council of the Di Tella University, in the Advisory Council of the Don Cabral Foundation (Brazil) and in the EGADE-TEC of Monterrey (Mexico).

In addition, he is an advisory member of the Inter American Dialogue (IAD), the Council of Productivity and Competitiveness of Ibero-America, and the Council of Production of the Government of the Argentine Republic. Both individually and together with other technicians, he has advised the Governments of Argentina, Colombia, Ghana, Mexico, Albania and Kazakhstan. He is a regular participant in the Summit of the Americas.

Leader and benchmark of agribusiness

The leadership that Grobocopatel has achieved in the world of agribusiness stands out, “generating a productive model that is a reference, where it brings together all the actors in the chain, applying the principle of total quality. He has always been recognized as an entrepreneur and a business reference for Latin America and his case, the Los Grobo company, is studied and analyzed at Harvard, for example. It has a strategic vision and high management capacity ”, detailed Ing. Agr. Alejandra Altamirano, dean of the UCU Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, in a statement sent to this Agency.

The doctorate

The Doctorate Honoris Causa is the highest distinction that a University can grant, and allows distinguishing personalities from the local, regional, national and international spheres. In this framework, the UCU has awarded the title to Dr. Domingo Liotta, Dr. Lino Barañao, Dr. Alberto Cormillot, Dr. Roberto Lavagna, Dr. Héctor Polino, Prof. Jagdisch Ghandi and Eduardo García Caffi.

Upon being named Doctor Honoris Causa, Ing. Grobocoopatel will receive the Antonio Sagarna medal, a name given in homage to the former Minister of Public Instruction of the Nation, former intern of the La Fraternidad Educationist Association and its benefactor.

How to take part

Those who want to participate in the ceremony can connect on November 19, at 7 p.m., through:

Meeting link:
Meeting ID: 810 6368 8897
Access code: honoris

Source: Press Release of the University of Concepción del Uruguay

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