December 02, 2021
Grupo AcercaRSE held the Employability Meeting for Technical Schools
It was with a face-to-face event at the Roberto Rocca Technical School (ETRR) in which 200 students from different establishments in Campana, Zárate and Lima participated. During the day, Human Resources specialists guided young people on how to insert themselves and take their first steps in the world of work.

The AproximaRSE Group held the Employability Meeting for Technical Schools, attended by 200 7th-year students from establishments of the modality located in Campana, Zárate and Lima. During the conference, held at the Roberto Rocca Technical School (ETRR), the students were guided on how to insert themselves and take their first steps in the world of work.

The two main speakers were Leonardo Bajer, an expert in coaching and organizational change, who helped the audience identify his talents and strengths to highlight when looking for a job; and Daniel Santoro, human resources specialist, who offered personal marketing advice to enhance the creation of the curriculum.

“AproximaRSE is a group of 17 companies that work together on social responsibility issues. After adapting the activities due to the pandemic, we are carrying out this conference in person as a celebration of Technician and Technique Day. The graduates of the schools in the region are a particular focus of attention for the companies that make up AproximaRSE and that is why it is important to establish links with them ”, stated Leandro Simeone, coordinator of AproximaRSE.

For his part, Luis Grieco, Manager of Relations with the Community of Tenaris, highlighted the interest of the students in knowing “the possibilities offered by the industrial sector of Campana and Zárate and what are the best strategies to insert themselves once they have obtained the secondary degree technical".

The activities included collaborative exercises, fictional recreations of different job interviews to identify best practices, and a talk by human resources referents from related companies. The closing of the event consisted of a musical show by the Orquesta de los Barrios, made up of young people from vulnerable neighborhoods in Buenos Aires.

In 2021 the companies Agrofina, Ameghino Servicios, Axion-Pan American Energy, Bayer, Cooperativa Eléctrica Zárate, CICACZ, Holcim, Honda, Master Bus, NASA, Pampa Energía, Trafigura, Softys, Tenaris, Toyota, Transportes Padilla and Zarcam will be integrated into the company →

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