November 24, 2022
Grupo Los Grobo adds its fifth unloading point in the southeast: A collection plant begins to operate in Loberia
Continuing with its expansion plan, and with the objective of expanding its capacity for logistics services in the Southeast of the province of Buenos Aires, Grupo Los Grobo begins to operate a new storage plant in the city of Lobería, where they are already installed. with a commercial branch for more than 10 years.

“The idea is that the Lobería Plant, with its installed capacity, joins those that we have already been operating in Balcarce, Necochea, San Manuel and Tandil, so that Los Grobo continues to be the main operator of integrated businesses in the Southeast, optimizing times and distances, and maximizing the value of the production of our business partners and customers in this area”, expressed Diego Collivignarelli, Commercial Supervisor of Grupo Los Grobo, during the event organized yesterday at the facilities of the new plant.

Enrique Flaiban, CEO of Grupo Los Grobo, was also present at the event and stated: “We are very proud with the opening of this new plant that gives continuity to our expansion plan. This time doing it in such a fundamental region for our company”.

The more than 50 clients, producers, suppliers and friends who attended the meeting had the opportunity to attend a conference on Current Affairs of the World Granary Markets and Meteorological Perspectives for the next campaign, which was given by German Iturriza (Trade Manager Exterior Los Grobo Agropecuaria).

The collection plant is located at kilometer 50 of National Route 227. It has 3,000 tons of installed capacity and a large warehouse for Agro Supplies.

Lobería Plant, is part of the growth plan projected by the company for this year and adds to those that recently started operating in Hilario Lagos and San Andres de Giles, as well as the landing of Los Grobo with new commercial branches in Bolívar ( Bs As), Paraná/Victoria (Entre Ríos) and Int. Alvear/Realico (La Pampa).

Automatic translation from spanish.

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