November 29, 2023
Grupo Los Grobo closes the year with awards and recognitions
The leading company in the provision of inputs, services, grain marketing and knowledge within the food chain, closes 2023 with different awards and recognitions.

The company was distinguished with:

• The APSAL LATAM Award for its Professional Seed Treatment Unit
• The Award for the Best Social Report of Companies in Argentina from the Ecumenical Social Forum
• The LIDE Sustainability Award 2023 for the work carried out with Agrofina

The company was awarded the LATAM APSAL 2023 Award for its Professional Seed Treatment Unit. Recognized in the Innovation and Development category for the Treatment of Seeds with biological products, bio stimulants, micronutrients in own brand genetics, with the aim of optimizing the production of raw materials for the food industry by incorporating technology and adding value. The Award was received by Los Grobo, Martin Sackmann Varela, Manager of Innovation and Technical Development, and María Cuesta, Manager of Institutional Relations and Communication of the Group.

Likewise, in the 14th edition of the Social Ecumenical Forum, Grupo Los Grobo was awarded the Best Local Report Award for its 2021-2022 Sustainability Report. The evaluation committee was made up of 74 professors from Argentine universities and other countries in Latin America and Europe. In their reports they agree that “society demands that companies develop social responsibility policies.” The Ecumenical Social Forum is a group of businessmen, NGOs and religious people of different faiths that aims to disseminate CSR concepts and actions. Sandro Cosentino, Head HR and Talent Development, and Maria Cuesta, Institutional Relations Manager of the Los Grobo Group, received the Award from the company.

On the other hand, the Agrofina unit received the LIDE Sustainability Award 2023, within the framework of its X Sustainability Forum. It was recognized in the Business Category for its sustainability strategy based on greater process efficiency, solid management of the organization, and for being the only company in Argentina with the highest certification in the good laboratory practices monitoring program of the OECD. The distinction was received by Enrique Flaiban, CEO of Grupo Los Grobo.

In reference to these recognitions, Enrique Flaiban, CEO of the Los Grobo group, expressed: “These awards are a great motivation and encouragement to continue working on the consolidation of Los Grobo as the leading company in the provision of supplies, services and knowledge for the chain. of agricultural value. I especially thank all our collaborators, who with their effort and commitment make these awards and recognitions possible.”

Automatic translation from spanish.

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