December 11, 2019
Grupo Los Grobo Coordinated the Delivery of Furniture and Computer Equipment to Local Institutions
2139/5000 During the months of August to November of this year, Grupo Los Grobo donated computers, printers, photocopiers and office furniture to Carlos Casares institutions.

These are replacement equipment and furniture for the company, which are removed from circulation for different reasons, but which in the case of computer equipment are previously adapted by the Systems Area so that the institutions that require it, can use them with educational, administrative or else, make them available to your students for their training.

In this sense, the delivery of 6 desk chairs to the Labor Training Center No. 401 of Carlos Casares and 8 others were assigned to the Volunteer Fire Department of the same city.

For its part, Kindergarten No. 908 "Manuel Cadret" in the town of Cadret, Carlos Casares party, received about 4 desk chairs and a photocopier.

At the beginning of November, through a management in which she was also involved in the Talent Area, the delivery and installation of 7 computer equipment was coordinated: 3 fixed PCs and 4 Notebooks; to CEPT (Educational Center for Total Production) of El Billar.

The Talent Management Area is actively participating with CEPT No. 13. In addition, the delivery of computer equipment, signed the Register of Internship Offerors coordinated by the COPRET Board, with the aim that students of higher years and ready to leave the institution can perform their first work practices in the company. COPRET, is a space for integration between the private and public sectors jointly coordinated by the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Education.

For its part, in one of its commercial branches in the southeast region, more precisely in the city of Necochea, Los Grobo also made the donation of a Multi Function Printer through its volunteers in that city, which was destined to the School of Higher Education No. 15. In this case, it was also a disused team that was reassigned to the institution for educational and administrative purposes.

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