December 14, 2018
Grupo Los Grobo donated laboratory items to an Agrarian School in Chivilcoy
They are equipments that will allow to contribute to the development and training in research and new technologies.

After knowing the winners of the 2018 edition of Campo Social, the Corporate Volunteering program of Grupo Los Grobo, two Chivilcoy institutions were beneficiaries in this opportunity.

Remember that Campo Social is a program that promotes and accompanies the solidarity actions of the people who work at Grupo Los Grobo, facilitating the realization of their ideas, for the benefit of the localities where they live and work. Through it, the company puts at the disposal of its collaborators an amount of money that this year was $ 150 thousand so that they themselves have, through a project contest, which institutions of their community they decide to help. The program has been implemented for more than 10 years.

In this edition, a project presented by volunteers from the commercial branch and storage plant of Grupo Los Grobo in Chivilcoy was awarded. The project is sponsored by the School of Agricultural Secondary Education No. 1.

The Agrarian School is the only Chivilcoy institution that offers a pedagogical training option geared towards the agricultural sector. The intention of the volunteers was to collaborate with the laboratory equipment in order to contribute to the development and training in research and new technologies. The fund they received for having won the Social Field Program was used for these purposes: acquisition of materials, elements and laboratory supplies.

The Volunteers who presented the winning project were Roberto Frediani, Federico Agostinelli and Fernando Arrocain. They work in the commercial branch and stock of Los Grobo and some of them were already linked to the institution and collaborating personally.

In this year's edition of the Campo Social program, 2 projects were selected from the city of Chivilcoy, and another 3 from the cities of Zarate, Carlos Casares and Lobería, which will receive $ 30,000 each to strengthen the work of the organizations with the who are already working or involved in some way.

Traveled by the Agrarian School

María Cuesta, of Grupo Los Grobo, was received by the director of the Agrarian School of Chivilcoy Agustina Guaraglia, and when talking with LA RAZON, Cuesta said that "we have a program, for more than 10 years, that is not coordinated by the Foundation, but the company because it gives the possibility to its employees to perform social tasks in the communities where they are inserted, where they live and work, then every year we hold a project contest called Social Field, which is framed within of the corporate volunteer program because, precisely, that is what is sought, that the collaborator takes out his volunteer spirit and that he can collaborate. They better than anyone else know which are the institutions of their community that need some kind of help, that is, instead of choosing us hand to hand from the area, we give them the possibility of presenting a project and that project goes to a contest. This year two winners from the city of Chivilcoy coincidentally, which makes us very happy, because we in this city have the Cánepa Mill and a commercial office, a commercial branch with an agro-inputs warehouse".

– What impression do you get from the school?

– The best. Being a company in the sector, we have special interest in the places where they form people so that tomorrow they can be working with us. We like to be close to this type of institution and even more so if it comes from the side of our collaborators who are volunteers and we are always aware of the needs of these institutions so that as much as possible we can collaborate and give a hand.


Professor of Chemistry, Analía Ruvira, referring to the project that is being developed in the educational establishment, said: "We started working with renewable energies and the possibility of making biodiesel from recycled oil arose. We did not have all the necessary materials in the school and we presented a project to Los Grobos and the school was benefited and the children are extremely happy. Now we have all the materials at the school to start next year with this proposal".

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