February 04, 2020
Grupo Los Grobo financed the winning projects of its Corporate Volunteering program in different locations
At the end of last year, the winning projects of the 2019 edition of “Social Field” were announced, the Corporate Volunteering program that Grupo Los Grobo has been implementing for more than 10 years.

Recall that "Social Field" is the Corporate Volunteering program of Grupo Los Grobo from which the company intends to promote and accompany the solidarity actions of its employees, facilitating the realization of their ideas, for the benefit of the localities where they live and they work. Through it, the company makes available an amount of money that this year was $ 250 thousand to be the same volunteers who have, through a project contest, which institutions in their community decide to help.

In this year's edition of the “Social Field” program, 8 projects were presented that involved the ideas of some 31 volunteers, 5 projects from the cities of Carlos Casares, Chivilcoy, Lobería, San Pedro and Trenque Lauquen were finally winners. They received $ 50,000 each and were destined to strengthen the organizations with which the volunteers are already working or involved in some way.

The institutions that were beneficiaries are:



Paraná Futbol Club is a renowned Sanpedrina institution that houses about 850 young people who regularly attend to perform in different sports activities. The volunteers who presented the winning project had already been collaborating with the Club in its project to recover green spaces, care for the environment, promote good values ​​and coexistence workshops.

The fund they received as a prize for having been winners of the “Social Field” Program was allocated to the purchase of sports equipment necessary for the training of the different disciplines that are dictated there.


• Alejandro Marelli (Suc. San Pedro)
• Sebastian Machado (Suc. San Pedro)



About 200 students from 2 to 5 years of age attend the Kindergarten No. 911 in Lobería. So far, the institution did not have its own library. His main need was, then, to build a space with supplies for the initial literacy of the children who attend there. Thus, as the amount received as a prize was allocated to the equipment of a functional library of its own, from which, they want to organize, in addition, reading workshops and conferences, in which both parents and volunteers participate.


• Milena Rodríguez (Suc. Loberia)
• Bruno Macias (Suc. Loberia)
• Paola López (Suc. Loberia)
• Leonardo Rowark (Suc. Loberia)
• Alexis Deagustini (Suc. Loberia)



The Scientific and Technological Pole (PCT) is a public-private project that was born with the objective of being a development and learning space for researchers, students, entrepreneurs and society in general. In this area, courses will be taught in areas of innovation for different age ranges (children from 4 years to older adults), in addition to providing spaces for coworking and advice to local entrepreneurs. From this space, the social development of the locality and the surroundings is promoted by training people for activities related to future jobs such as robotics, development of starts up, 3D printing, etc .; and the corresponding professional training of skilled labor as an advantage for the region.

The fund they received as a prize, was destined to the purchase of electronic kits for the course of recycling of components, acquisition of materials for the construction of astronomical clocks (it is part of a project carried out by the PCT to optimize public lighting in the city of Trenque Lauquen) and the purchase of a router to manage internal communications in the PCT building.


• Martin Ilari (Suc. Trenque Lauquen)
• Agustin Bissolino (Suc. Trenque Lauquen)
• Carolina Zanollo (Suc. Trenque Lauquen)
• Rafael Moglie (Suc. Trenque Lauquen)



The Child Development Unit “Mimitos” of Carlos Casares is an institution with more than 20 years of experience that provides the childcare service with breakfast, lunch and snack, to about 50 children between 3 months and 3 years, mostly from families of low resources. The main failure of the institution is the absence of green spaces and windows.

The amount of the prize was allocated to the acquisition of inflatables and educational games for the patio of the institution (a field located in front of it), with the main objective of promoting the physical activity of children, develop their creativity, stimulate their skills social and contact with nature.


• Nadia Gomez (LGA Finance)
• Agustin Nader (LGA Internal Services)
• Cecilia Romagnoli (LGA Finance)
• Rocío Pignanelli (LGA Finance)
• Darío Duran (LGA Finance)
• Eitel Nachajon (LGA Finance)



The CEF N ° 12 of Chivilcoy, is an educational institution dependent on the General Directorate of Culture and Education to which about 1400 students usually attend, and offers about 64 proposals for sports education. It currently has a Cooperating Association that works selflessly and ad honoren, trying to improve the quality of life of students as well as thinking jointly with the school's governing body, in projects for building improvements for the benefit of all Families that attend daily. In 2018, and with much effort on the part of the institution, the construction of a multi-sport beach was completed in an outdoor space belonging to the CEF but wasted until that moment.

With the amount that the volunteers received as a prize, it was possible to acquire and install the necessary luminaires to illuminate the field with the main objective of generating new spaces for outdoor sports and thus promoting the physical activity of children, youth and neighbors in general they go there.


• Roberto Frediani (Suc. Chivilcoy)
• Diego Rosselló (Molino Canepa)
• Guillermo Assesore (Suc. Chivilcoy)
• Marcela Beramendi (Canepa Mill)

From Grupo Los Grobo, we are committed to continue working throughout the year to collaborate with all the proposals presented in addition to continuing to promote the spirit of corporate volunteering in our employees.

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