October 25, 2023
Grupo Los Grobo is considered one of the best employers in the country according to Apertura Magazine
The results of the "BEST EMPLOYERS 2023" Ranking carried out by Apertura Magazine were announced, in which Los Grobo occupies 26th place in the table of companies with between 200 and 1000 employees, rising 29 positions compared to the previous year's edition ( 55º).

In addition to considerably improving its location in just one year, Grupo Los Grobo is in the first quarter of the table in one of the best-positioned rankings in the market in which the country's main companies – from SMEs to Multinationals – compete for a place. to stay in the top of the most attractive.

The ranking of Best Employers is prepared from an open call to companies from all sectors and industries that employ more than 50 people in Argentina, with the aim of gaining in-depth knowledge of Human Resources policies, benefits, culture and brand. employer of the local labor market and thus understand what are the most relevant issues for talent today and how firms do to retain them.

The survey is structured into five thematic areas: Professional Career, Remuneration, Work Environment, Hours, Conditions, Training; and the companies had to answer a questionnaire of 80 questions. Also, independent questions are asked to the oldest and newest employee on the staff, duly identified. Likewise, there is a space for directors to vote for other companies that, in their opinion, they consider to be leaders in Human Resources management and those companies received extra points.

More than 210 organizations participated in the survey of the Best Employers 2023 and only the results of those that exceed 300 points are published. In the first 10 positions of the table in which Grupo Los Grobo is in position 26, among companies that have between 200 and 1,000 employees, are:

1. Google
2. Salesforce
3. Roche Argentina
4. Coca Cola
5. Nature
6. P&G
7. Dow Argentina
8. Basf
9. DHL Express
10. AON Argentina

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