March 16, 2022
Grupo Los Grobo is the company with the Best Image in the agricultural sector and is among the best 38 companies in the country
The results of the Ranking "THE 100 BEST IN IMAGE" carried out by SEL Consultores and Apertura Magazine were announced, in which Los Grobo occupies 38th place in the general ranking, improving 23 positions compared to the previous year's edition (61st).

(Carlos Casares, Wednesday, March 16, 2022) - According to Apertura Magazine: "This year there were ups and downs, the historical ones were consolidated and there were surprises after a year where the Covid continued to set the agenda. The top 3 was maintained compared to last year with Mercado Libre (in first place for the third consecutive year); Arcor and Toyota”.

"The first eight companies belong to four sectors: Appliances, Food, Farm and Retail, a reflection of the extraordinary situation resulting from the pandemic."

Los Grobo, the company with the best Agro Image

In addition to considerably improving its location in the general ranking, Los Grobo maintains First Place in the Agribusiness Sector Ranking, ahead of Syngenta and Cargill, consolidating itself as the leading company, with the Best Image in the sector.

According to Apertura Magazine: "Agricultural companies experienced strong growth in their positions in the general ranking, compared to last year. This marked sectoral rise can be explained in their dealings with the national government and their clear place as income-generating companies of dollars to the country.

Agribusiness Sector Ranking

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Los Grobo also improved 11 positions in "Management Quality", one of the Rankings that are part of the analysis of main attributes. In this way, it occupies the 14th position, placing itself as an immediate follower of YPF and Ualá.


For the preparation of the Ranking of "THE 100 BEST IN IMAGE", SEL Consultores interviewed 350 opinion leaders, 270 businessmen, 40 business consultants and 40 journalists exclusively for Apertura Magazine between November and December 2021. The ranking was built considering the mentions stated when inquiring about the companies with the best Image in general and by Image attributes.

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Complete ranking "The 100 Best in Image" (complete note in Edition 339, March 2022, of Apertura Magazine) → Download

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