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April 01, 2019
Grupo Los Grobo leads the ranking again as the most responsible Agro company with the best corporate governance
Arcor, Natura and Unilever lead among those that implement ethical and management policies that contribute to society.

Argentina's Arcor multilatina, Brazil's Natura and Anglo-Dutch Unilever obtained the highest ratings among the 100 most responsible companies with the best corporate governance in the country. The top ten is completed by Toyota, Banco Galicia, Quilmes, Google, Mercedes-Benz, Coca-Cola and Molinos, according to the 9th edition of the "Merco Responsibility and Corporate Governance" ranking, a study carried out by the Spanish institute Análisis y Investigación the audit of KPMG.

The Merco is a monitor of corporate reputation. He debuted in Spain, in 2001, with the purpose of internationalizing it. Thus, over the years, Colombia (2008), Argentina and Chile (2010), Ecuador (2011), Peru (2012), Brazil, Mexico and Bolivia (2013), Costa Rica, Panama and Portugal ( 2017). It is based on a complex evaluation system, which revealed the opinion of 4,165 people linked to the business universe.

With respect to the previous year, Arcor retained the 1st place, by obtaining the highest score: 10,000. The cosmetics giant Natura exchanged positions with Unilever. Toyota, Banco Galicia and Quilmes, Mercedes-Benz and Coca-Cola advanced one place. Google, on the other hand, fell from 4th to 7th position and Molinos was in the 10th position, as in the last edition of Merco.

The reputational ranking is made with a multistakeholder methodology, whose objective is to determine the level of responsibility and the quality of corporate governance. For the authors, this means good ethical behavior (implementation of measures and policies against corruption), transparency and good governance (risk control), responsibility with employees (talent management and policies that guarantee equal opportunities for all workers ), commitment to the environment and contribution to the community, among others.

The monitor is based on a mechanism in different stages. In the first, 425 senior executives of companies that invoice more than US $ 30 million choose 10 companies each. From there comes a provisional ranking of 100, without a defined order. For that, subsequently, the list goes through various filters, which are the interest groups linked to the corporate sphere. Each one contributes a score, according to its specific weight. "Each stakeholder values ​​from 0 to 100 each of the companies in the provisional ranking in the variables of which they are experts," they say in Merco.

On this occasion, 627 business management executives, 45 experts in Corporate Social Responsibility, 80 financial analysts, 75 economic information journalists, 50 government officials, 62 NGOs, 60 union members, 85 representatives of consumer associations, 78 participated. influencers and social media managers and 2,956 ordinary citizens. Finally, 47 Analysis and Research technicians provided their eyes. The process includes a total of 4 evaluations with 11 information sources.

This year, the winners by sector were Grupo Los Grobo (agricultural), Arcor (food), Toyota (automotive), Galicia (banking), Quilmes (beverages), YPF (fuel), Accenture (consultancy), Irsa (real estate development) and Farmacity (specialized distribution) and Nike (fashion distribution).

They also led Natura (drugstore, perfumery and cosmetics), Samsung (appliances and telephony), Disney (entertainment), Tetra Pak (recyclable packaging), Bagó (pharmaceutical), Grupo Insud (financial capital), Pampa Energía (power generation), Grupo Roggio (infrastructure and services), La Nación (media), PAE (oil and gas), Dow (chemistry), McDonald's (restaurants), Mercado Libre (retail generalist), Osde (health), Sancor Seguros (insurance), Naturgy (public services), Despegar (tourism), Techint (iron and steel), Google (technology), Telefónica (communications) and Airlines (transport).

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