March 17, 2023
Grupo Los Grobo maintains its leadership as the Agricultural Company with the Best Image
The results of the "THE 100 BEST IN IMAGE" Ranking carried out by SEL Consultores for Apertura Magazine were announced, in which Grupo Los Grobo occupies 33rd place in the general ranking, rising 5 positions compared to the previous year's edition (38th). .

In addition to improving its position in the general ranking, Los Grobo maintains 1st Place in the Agribusiness Sector Ranking, consolidating itself as a Leading Company and with the Best Image in its Sector.

According to Revista Apertura: "A category that showed great movement was that of Agribusiness. As last year, the category was led by Los Grobo (33rd), which rose five positions in the general ranking. Second place went to Syngenta, which had a pronounced drop (-14), and the third for Bioceres (53rd), which fell 11 steps in the general list, but went up two in the sectoral one".

Agribusiness Sector Ranking (From 1st to 10th Position)

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For the elaboration of the ranking of "The 100 Best Companies in Image", SEL Consultores surveyed, exclusively for Apertura, 407 opinion leaders (317 businessmen, 45 business consultants and 45 journalists), between the months of November and December of 2022.

Three methodological criteria were used: the number of mentions received, the order of mention (first, second or third place), and the score assigned, from 1 to 10, to each named company.

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Complete ranking "The 100 Best in Image" (full note in Edition 351, March 2023, of Apertura Magazine) → Download

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