December 06, 2021
Grupo Los Grobo, one of the companies with the best reputation in the country
For the tenth consecutive year, Grupo Los Grobo maintained the first place as the company with the Best Corporate Reputation in its sector.

MERCO announced the results of its now traditional MERCO Companies ranking, in which it evaluates the Corporate Reputation of the 100 best companies in the country and Grupo Los Grobo is ranked first in the Agricultural sector category.

MERCO (Business Monitor of Corporate Reputation) is a reputational assessment instrument that has become a reference monitor throughout the world. It is carried out in 6 stages in which a global evaluation is generated to measure the perception and valuation from 23 sources of information, among which are the evaluations of Executives, Financial Analysts, Economic Information Journalists, members of the Government / Administration, NGOs, Trade Unions, Consumer Associations, Professors of the business area, Social media managers, Consumers, Agents and users of the digital field, and other public of business interest; as well as excellence in the management indicators evaluated by MERCO.

In this new 2021 edition, Grupo Los Grobo is considered the most prestigious company within the Agricultural sector. In the general ranking, Los Grobo was ranked 53rd (climbing 20 places compared to the previous year). Gustavo Grobocopatel, meanwhile, was distinguished in the Merco Leaders Ranking and is among the 7 most recognized business leaders in the country.

The survey includes evaluations on 3 main axes: Reputation, Leadership and Responsibility, and is endorsed by the Analysis and Research Institute, the first independent group of market studies in Spain and audited by the KPMG consulting firm.

In Argentina, the Merco ranking has been carried out annually since 2010. Currently, it is also carried out in 14 other countries and aspires to become the benchmark Euro-American monitor and the first verified reputation monitor in the world.

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