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July 23, 2019
Grupo Los Grobo opened a branch in Gualeguay
At noon today, Grupo Los Grobo inaugurated a new integrated services center in our city on Provincial Route 11 km 233 from where it intends to expand its business and product network in order to favor the logistics of its customers and suppliers in the area.

Within that framework, the president of the company, Gustavo Grobocopatel, the commercial supervisor of the Group in the north, Santiago Novelli, and the local commercial manager, Franco Fumaneri, gave a press conference.

In that sense, Grobocopatel said: “We have a work plan for some years where a substantial part of it is trying to develop the province of Entre Ríos and now with Gualeguay, understanding that it is a very important point from the point of view of logistics , is one of the vertices of the most productive area of ​​the province”.

“We think that agriculture is going to grow, in fact it is growing, this year we have almost a record, that is 150 million tons, it will continue to grow and it will be a different agriculture not only in quantity but in quality, much more developed technologically”, he considered.

On the other hand, he added: “Los Grobo is a leading company and tends to understand the nature of these transformations and can help producers make it faster and better (…) It is part of our growth strategy and our commitment to society, to transfer this way of doing the things we have in the company to the agricultural community”.

Meanwhile, Novelli explained: “We always aim to generate businesses that add value to the parties, so we have three pillars. The one of the agro inputs, where here we have a deposit for distribution to the different points of the province of everything that is liquid and solid fertilizers, seeds and agrochemicals, we also have our stockpile business where we seek to achieve logistics efficiency, having agreements local processors and doing a direct and efficient logistics to port, where we have business with exporters but also spaces for exports that the group performs directly. Also for years we have been developing a production scheme in the province under an associated planting scheme where we integrate and share the business with producers in the region. Those three business pillars will be Franco and team developing here in the area”.

Finally, Fumaneri said: “It is a model branch, and the company already has several branches in the country. The basic structure is a part of logistics and input management and I am in the commercial part. The idea is to have a service, to be able to attend to the producer in terms of their input needs, to be able to provide all the palette with which we work on all products and advise them on business, to be able to give them strategies, transfer knowledge for planting and others ”.

Automatic translation from spanish.

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